Zanussi Compatible Washing Machine Fill Hose Washer with Filter (2 Pack)

SKU: DSP400/769

Fits: Zanussi

Zanussi Compatible Washing Machine Fill Hose Washer with Filter (2 Pack) for select models of Zanussi Washing Machines.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): 1000, 1012, 1013, 1022, 1023, 1032, 1033, 1034, 1123, 1212, 1282, 2290, 3000, 400, 555X, 60, 788252_00, 800, 8001ROMO, 811, 812, 840R08401RT, 853, 885027-09, 885140_09, 888485, 888_400_09, 914213002, 914770172, 918, 988042_09, ADV106, ADV86, ADVANTAGE 45, ADVANTAGE 55, ADVANTAGE 85, ADVANTAGE400, ADVANTAGE45, ADVANTAGE500, ADVANTAGE55, ADVANTAGE800, ADVANTAGE85, ADVNTG45, ADVNTG55, ADVNTG85, AW1000, AW1000W, AW1400W, AW1560, AW400, BIW103W, BONUX, BRILJANT, BWD1012, CA830, CAW1010, CF2266, CMF311, COMPLESSO, DCS11, DCS14S SILVER, DCS14W, DCS382W, DCS383S, DCS383W, DF4454.7, DFX4240.6, DFX4240.6S, DFX4240N, DFX4450EE, DW24W, DW4826, DWS39W, DWS4704, DWS4825, EDE418M, EDE420E, EF4680N, EW1007, EW800, EW807, EWD1057 (914620036/00), EWD1057, EWG10050W, EWP1072TDW, EWS1045, EWT31064TW, F003W, F1000, F1001V, F1002V, F1003, F1005, F1006, F1015, F1025, F1026, F1032, F1045W, F1046, F1201V, F1202V, F1203W, F1205, F1206, F1207, F1213, F1214, F1215, F1225, F1226, F1227, F1232, F1245W, F1246, F1247, F1256W, F1406, F1407, F1415, F1425, F1426, F1427, F1446, F1447, F1626, F1645, F1646, F1647, F1648, F402, F423, F502, F503, F505, F505N, F512, F550, F555, F605, F650, F655G, F702, F705, F750, F802, F802V, F803, F805, F805N, F812, F832, F850, F855, F855G, F900, F902, F902N, F906CN, FA1005, FA1021, FA1022, FA1023, FA1025E, FA1026HDRO, FA1026HYDR, FA1031E, FA1032, FA1035E, FA1055E, FA1074, FA1084E, FA4012, FA4022, FA422, FA423VARIO, FA4412, FA4422, FA489, FA5022, FA5023, FA513, FA522, FA523, FA523VARIO, FA5423, FA568, FA580, FA581, FA589, FA605, FA615E, FA621, FA622, FA623, FA624VARIO, FA626, FA6642, FA674, FA678E, FA722, FA8023, FA821, FA822, FA825E, FA826, FA826HYDRO, FA831E, FA832, FA835E, FA8432, FA868, FA874, FA878E, FA884E, FA889, FA932, FAE1025V, FAE1026V, FAE1226, FAE625, FAE825V, FBU510, FBU55, FBU810, FBU85, FC1000, FC1100, FC1200W, FC814S, FCS1020C ES, FCS1020C ES, FCS1020C, FCS1114C SP, FCS1114C SP, FCS1114C, FCS1114CSP, FCS1320C, FCS622C, FCS720C, FCS725C, FCS800C, FCS822C, FCS825C, FCS872C, FCS920C, FD1016, FD1026, FD1216, FD1226, FD1416, FD1426, FD1616, FD1626, FE1002, FE1004, FE1005, FE1006, FE1006NN, FE1014, FE1014N, FE1024N, FE1025G, FE1026N, FE1027G, FE1200, FE1204, FE1205, FE1206, FE1214, FE1215, FE1404, FE1405, FE1406, FE1414, FE1415, FE1416, FE1446, FE1614, FE1646, FE4000, FE802, FE804, FE825G, FE827G, FE904NN, FE925N, FI1073, FI1203, FI873, FIE3000, FJ1002, FJ1003H, FJ1005N, FJ1011, FJ1011/A, FJ1011A, FJ1015, FJ1015/A, FJ1015A, FJ1023, FJ1023/A, FJ1023A, FJ1033, FJ1033/A, FJ1033/B, FJ1033/C, FJ1033A, FJ1033B, FJ1033SW, FJ1034, FJ1040, FJ1040/A, FJ1040/B, FJ1040/C, FJ1053, FJ1054W, FJ1093, FJ1093CV, FJ1094, FJ1094AL, FJ1094G, FJ1104, FJ1200, FJ1204, FJ1206, FJ1206H, FJ1206I, FJ1214, FJ1214/A, FJ1214/B, FJ1214B, FJ1224, FJ1224/A, FJ1224W, FJ1254V, FJ1254W, FJ1276I, FJ1295, FJ1296, FJ1354S, FJ1404V, FJ1406H, FJ1454W, FJ1506E, FJ831, FJ874, FJ893, FJ902, FJ902V, FJ903CV, FJ905N, FJ906N, FJ912V, FJ934V, FJ963, FJ964, FJD1084HV, FJD1266W, FJD1466S, FJD1466W, FJD1666W, FJDR1266W, FJDR1466S, FJDR1466W, FJDR1666W, FJE1005, FJE1006, FJE1204, FJE1204G, FJE1205, FJE1206, FJE1207, FJE1236, FJE1404G, FJE1405, FJE1406, FJE1436, FJE1605, FJE1635, FJE1636, FJE904, FJI1204, FJI1204/A, FJI1204/B, FJI1204B, FJI1296, FJR1254W, FJR1454W, FJS1004C, FJS1014, FJS1014H, FJS1025W, FJS1072HV, FJS1074C, FJS1074H, FJS1076N, FJS1084, FJS1084C, FJS1084X, FJS1086N, FJS1094, FJS1097NW, FJS1114C, FJS1174C, FJS1184, FJS1197W, FJS1214C, FJS1216, FJS1216C, FJS1216H, FJS1225W, FJS1254, FJS1274C, FJS1276, FJS1276.60, FJS1276C, FJS1276H, FJS1282V, FJS1284, FJS1286, FJS1286X, FJS1296, FJS1397W, FJS1404, FJS1416H, FJS1425W, FJS1476, FJS1476H, FJS1486, FJS1486X, FJS1496, FJS1597W, FJS654C, FJS674C, FJS854, FJS874, FJS902V, FJS902W, FJS904C, FJS904CV, FJS972CV, FJS974N, FL1000, FL1001, FL1002, FL1004H, FL1004V, FL1008, FL1011C, FL1012, FL1014V, FL1014V1, FL1015, FL1016, FL1016/A, FL1016A, FL1018, FL1020, FL1022, FL1022B, FL1022C, FL1022CH, FL1022M, FL1022W, FL1023, FL1025, FL1030, FL1030/A, FL1030/B, FL1030/C, FL1032 PRESTIGE, FL1032, FL1032/B, FL1032/C, FL1032PRESTIGE, FL1032SW, FL1034, FL1040H, FL1081, FL1082, FL1083 AMIE, FL1083, FL1083AMIE, FL1084, FL1084AL, FL1085, FL1085AL, FL1089, FL1089ALU, FL1090, FL1090ALU, FL1108, FL1108ALU, FL1123, FL12, FL1200, FL1201, FL1204H, FL1208, FL1222, FL1222C, FL1222CH, FL1225, FL1231, FL1234, FL1234/A, FL1260H, FL1281, FL1282, FL1289, FL1290, FL12INPUT, FL1400, FL1400B, FL15, FL15INPUT, FL1600, FL1601, FL401, FL401C, FL402, FL402C, FL411C, FL411CN, FL412, FL423, FL434, FL444, FL444M, FL501, FL502, FL503CN, FL504NN, FL511, FL513, FL522C, FL522CN, FL524, FL533NC

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