Zanussi Compatible Tumble Dryer Vent Hose (4" Inch x 3 Metre)

SKU: DSP400/903

Fits: Zanussi

Zanussi Compatible Tumble Dryer Vent Hose (4" Inch x 3 Metre) for select models of Zanussi Tumble Dryers.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): 124585_00, 756650_00, 887_323_09, 91609421904, 987_204_00, 987_208_00, AE2020, BKX6050, BTD01, DCS12W, DW920TCR, ED207, EDE418M, EDE420E, F101, F812, FL9040H, FLF1214, FLS1086, FLS1212C, FLS1222CH, FLS1272CH, G98401, IZTA120, IZTE135, JLTC01, KE2042, KER2030, KES2041, KINGMATIC R, KINGMATICR, KT4230, LSI147, PERLA, SD 2811, SD2800, SD2801, SD2802, SD4528, SL531, SL551, TC103W, TC180, TC180W, TC450, TC450/A, TC450/B, TC450B, TC460, TC470, TC480, TC481W, TC482W, TC484W, TC485W, TC491D, TC60, TC60M, TC70E, TC7102, TC7102W, TC7103S, TC7103W, TC7114, TC7114S, TC7114W, TC7122, TC7124, TC7224, TCE 7224, TCE182, TCE182W, TCE695, TCE7114, TCE7124, TCE7124W, TCE7125, TCE7126, TCE7127W, TCE7145, TCE7224, TCE7225, TCE7227W, TCE7245, TCE7270, TCE7271, TCE7272, TCE7276, TCE7276W, TCES7000, TCF655E, TCF665E, TCS170T, TCS172E, TCS374E, TCS584EW, TCS603LT, TCS605E, TCS623T, TCS6550E, TCS65W, TCS664E, TCS665E, TCS6730T, TCS673T, TCS674E, TCS675E, TCS675EW, TCS683LT, TCS683W, TD 802TC DELTA-SOFT, TD 902EC DELTA-SOFT, TD06TX, TD100, TD101/A, TD101A, TD150, TD160, TD160T, TD162, TD163, TD164-260131215090, TD182, TD183, TD184-260133215090, TD200, TD201, TD201/A, TD201A, TD207, TD220T, TD222T, TD225T, TD230T, TD242T, TD245, TD245/A, TD250, TD260, TD265/A, TD275, TD275/A, TD300, TD301, TD320E, TD320T, TD322T, TD340T, TD4100, TD4100W, TD4110, TD4112, TD4112W, TD4113W, TD4117, TD4120, TD420E, TD4212, TD4212W, TD4213, TD4213W, TD4224, TD4230, TD4234W, TD501TC, TD504TC, TD510, TD513, TD514, TD520, TD520AL, TD520E, TD523, TD523AL, TD524, TD524AL, TD525, TD526, TD530, TD530E, TD534, TD601TC, TD604EC, TD61, TD62, TD800TC, TD801TC, TD802TC DELTA-SOFT, TD802TC, TD802TCD, TD900EC, TD901EC, TD902E, TD902EC DELTA-SOFT, TD902EC, TD902ECD, TDA250, TDE4124, TDE4224, TDE4224W, TDE4234W, TDE4235W, TDE4240, TDS 362T, TDS 372T, TDS 463E, TDS240T, TDS250T, TDS260T, TDS270T, TDS280W, TDS281W, TDS302T, TDS333E, TDS360T, TDS362T, TDS363E, TDS370T, TDS371TX, TDS372T, TDS382AL, TDS382T, TDS382W, TDS383W, TDS463E, TDS464E, TDS473E, TDS474E, TDS483EW, TDS583T, TDS585E, TE301, TE301/A, TE301A, TE350, TEI935, THE4750, THE4850, THE4851, THE7050, THE7051, THE8050, THE8051, THE8080S, THES7000, TL984C, TM200, TM320W, TM330, TM350, TM540, TM550, UMBRIA, WDI1215W, WDJ1094, WDJ1507, WDT1085, WDT1275B, Z100DP, Z100DR, Z100DRP, Z100DWR, Z101G, Z121G, Z200CD, Z200DRPE, Z200DRWE, Z300CD, Z300CDP, Z300CDW, Z350CD, Z400CDE, Z4518, Z4518B, Z500CDE, Z600CDE, Z700CDE, Z710, Z713VSD, Z713VSP, Z714, Z714VSD, Z714VSP, Z77.11G, Z77.12, Z77.15G, Z77.21-G, Z77.21G, Z77.22, Z77.32, Z77.38, Z77.91-G, Z77.91G, Z77.92, Z7711G, Z7715G, Z7721G, Z7791G, Z9020TD S.INOX, Z908, Z910, Z910R, Z910T, Z911R, Z930, ZAN ZD8343DH P2 TC4, ZAN ZTE170 6KG/C SMA, ZAN ZTE170 6KGC SMA, ZD100C, ZD101, ZD102C, ZD110, ZD110R, ZD120, ZD120R, ZD130R, ZD140R, ZD150R, ZD150RL, ZD2000, ZD201, ZD201G, ZD210RE, ZD212EG, ZD225, ZD270EK, ZD320, ZD320SENSOT., ZDB5377W, ZDC37100W, ZDC37200W, ZDC37201W, ZDC37202W, ZDC46130S, ZDC46130W, ZDC47100, ZDC47100G, ZDC47100S, ZDC47100W, ZDC47200, ZDC47200W, ZDC47201W, ZDC47203W, ZDC47204W, ZDC47209W, ZDC5350W, ZDC5355W, ZDC5370W, ZDC5375W, ZDC67550W, ZDC67560W, ZDC68560W, ZDC77570W, ZDC8200NW, ZDC82026Z, ZDC8202P, ZDC8202PZ, ZDC8203P, ZDC8203PZ, ZDC8203W, ZDC8203WR, ZDC8203WZ, ZDC8245NW, ZDC82B4PW, ZDC82B4SW, ZDCB37209W, ZDCB47209W, ZDE26000, ZDE26000W, ZDE26100W, ZDE26110W, ZDE26610W, ZDE36150W, ZDE46201W, ZDE47100W, ZDE47200W, ZDE47201W, ZDE47209W, ZDE57140W, ZDE67550W, ZDE67560W, ZDEB47209W, ZDH7300NW, ZDH7312PZ, ZDH7332P, ZDH7332PZ, ZDH7333PZ, ZDH8300NW, ZDH8333P, ZDH8333PZ, ZDH8333PZ1, ZDH8333W, ZDH8333W1, ZDH8345NW, ZDH8353W, ZDH8373BW, ZDH8373W, ZDH8473NW, ZDH87A2DG, ZDH87A2PW, ZDH87B4PW, ZDH8903PZ, ZDH8903W, ZDL7102PZ, ZDP7200NW, ZDP7202PZ, ZDP7202PZ1, ZDP7203P, ZDP7203PZ, ZDP7204PZ, ZDP7205PZ, ZDP7206P, ZDP7206PZ, ZDP7207PZ, ZDP7208PZ, ZDP7212PZ, ZDT13011FA, ZE200CD, ZI930, ZI935, ZID100, ZK1245, ZP7230DP, ZP7330DH, ZP8241DC, ZP8242DC, ZP825DCC, ZP8340DH, ZT605, ZTA110, ZTA120, ZTA140 6K/C SMART TD, ZTA140, ZTA210, ZTA220, ZTA230, ZTA235, ZTA240, ZTA245, ZTA250, ZTAB250, ZTB140, ZTB150, ZTB160, ZTB170, ZTB180, ZTB190, ZTB200, ZTB220, ZTB240, ZTB261, ZTB270, ZTB271, ZTB275, ZTB276, ZTBB271, ZTBB276, ZTE130, ZTE135, ZTE140, ZTE170, ZTE171, ZTE177, ZTE220, ZTE225, ZTE240, ZTE250, ZTE255, ZTE260, ZTE270, ZTE272, ZTE273, ZTE275, ZTE275, ZTE276, ZTE277, ZTE278, ZTE280, ZTE280, ZTE283, ZTE285, ZTE285, ZTE285C, ZTE286, ZTE288, ZTE2888B, ZTE289, ZTE290, ZTE290, ZTE7100PZ, ZTE7101P, ZTE7101PZ, ZTE7102PZ, ZTE7103BZ, ZTE7285, ZTEB170, ZTEB171, ZTEB272, ZTEB273, ZTEB277, ZTEB285, ZTEB286, ZTEB288, ZTEB290, ZTH475, ZTH485, ZTH485C, ZTH488, ZTHB475, ZTHB485, ZTHB488, ZTI280, ZTK120, ZTK123, ZTK125, ZTKB120, ZTKB123, ZW1150DRS, ZW160M, ZW200E, ZW454, ZWD1013, ZWD1100 T.D., ZWD1254TURBJ, ZWF14791W, ZX8380DH, ZX8487DH

Replaces: C00380132

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