Zanussi 3879097016 Oven Shelf Grill

SKU: DSP200/207

Fits: Zanussi

Zanussi 3879097016 Oven Shelf Grill for select models of Zanussi ovens

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): 1ZCG552GXC, ZCG43000BA, ZCG43000WA, ZCG43000XA, ZCG43010BA, ZCG43010WA, ZCG43010XA, ZCG43050WA, ZCG43200BA, ZCG43200WA, ZCG43200XA, ZCG43210BA, ZCG43210WA, ZCG43210XA, ZCG43250BA, ZCG43250WA, ZCG43250XA, ZCG43330BA, ZCG43330WA, ZCG43330XA, ZCG43TC0WA, ZCG43TC0XA, ZCG550GNC, ZCG550GWC, ZCG550GXC, ZCG551GNC, ZCG551GWC, ZCG551GXC, ZCG552GNC, ZCG552GWC, ZCG552GXC, ZCG55QGW, ZCG55QGX, ZCG55WGB, ZCG55WGW, ZCG55WGX, ZCG621GWC, ZCG63010BA, ZCG63010WA, ZCG63010XA, ZCG63040BA, ZCG63040WA, ZCG63040XA, ZCG63050WA, ZCG63080BV, ZCG63080XV, ZCG63200BA, ZCG63200WA, ZCG63200XA, ZCG63210BA, ZCG63210WA, ZCG63210XA, ZCG63250BA, ZCG63250WA, ZCG63250XA, ZCG63260BE, ZCG63260WE, ZCG63260XE, ZCG63330BA, ZCG63330WA, ZCG63TC0BA, ZCG63TC0WA, ZCG63TC0XA, ZCG660GNC, ZCG660GWC, ZCG660GXC, ZCG661GWC, ZCG662GNC, ZCG662GWC, ZCG662GXC, ZCG664GNC, ZCG664GWC, ZCG664GXC, ZCG667GN, ZCG667GW, ZCG667GX, ZCG669GN, ZCG669GW, ZCG669GX, ZCG66AGW, ZCI66050BA, ZCI66050WA, ZCI66050XA, ZCI66080BA, ZCI66080XA, ZCI660EBC, ZCI660EWC, ZCI660EXC, ZCI660MBC, ZCI660MWC, ZCI660MXC, ZCI66250BA, ZCI66250WA, ZCI66250XA, ZCI66278XA, ZCI66280BA, ZCI66280WA, ZCI66280XA, ZCI66288XA, ZCI66480XV, ZCI68000BA, ZCI68300BA, ZCI68300WA, ZCI68300XA, ZCI68310XA, ZCI68330BA, ZCI68330WA, ZCI68330XA, ZCI69060XE, ZCI69080XE, ZCK66350BA, ZCK66350WA, ZCK66350XA, ZCK68200X, ZCK68300B, ZCK68300W, ZCK68300X, ZCV46000BA, ZCV46000WA, ZCV46000XA, ZCV46050WA, ZCV460TCWA, ZCV460TCXA, ZCV46200BA, ZCV46200WA, ZCV46200XA, ZCV46250BA, ZCV46250WA, ZCV46250XA, ZCV46330BA, ZCV46330WA, ZCV46330XA, ZCV48300BA, ZCV48300WA, ZCV48300XA, ZCV550MNC 230V, ZCV550MNC 230V, ZCV550MNC, ZCV550MSC, ZCV550MWC, ZCV550MXC, ZCV551MNC, ZCV551MW, ZCV551MWC, ZCV551MX, ZCV551MXC, ZCV552MWC, ZCV553MWC, ZCV554MN, ZCV554MW, ZCV554MX, ZCV621MW, ZCV642MX, ZCV651MN, ZCV651MW, ZCV66000WA, ZCV66030BA, ZCV66030WA, ZCV66030XA, ZCV66050BA, ZCV66050WA, ZCV66050XA, ZCV66060BE, ZCV66060WE, ZCV66060XE, ZCV66078BA, ZCV66078WA, ZCV66078XA, ZCV66080BV, ZCV66080XV, ZCV660CTX, ZCV660TRXE, ZCV661MW, ZCV661MWC, ZCV661MX, ZCV66250BA, ZCV66250WA, ZCV66250XA, ZCV662MNC, ZCV662MSC, ZCV662MWC, ZCV662MXC, ZCV66330BA, ZCV66330WA, ZCV66330XA, ZCV66370WA, ZCV66370XA, ZCV663MWC, ZCV663MXC, ZCV66480XV, ZCV664FPB, ZCV664FPW, ZCV664FPX, ZCV665MN, ZCV665MW, ZCV665MWC, ZCV665MX, ZCV667MNC, ZCV667MWC, ZCV667MX, ZCV667MXC, ZCV668MN, ZCV668MW, ZCV668MX, ZCV669MW, ZCV66AEWC, ZCV66AEXC, ZCV68000XA, ZCV68010BA, ZCV68010WA, ZCV680DOBA, ZCV680DOXA, ZCV680TCBA, ZCV680TCWA, ZCV680TCXA, ZCV68300BA, ZCV68300WA, ZCV68300XA, ZCV68310WA, ZCV68310XA, ZCV68330WA, ZCV68330XA, ZCV69068XE, ZCV69350BA, ZCV69350WA, ZCV69350XA, ZCV69360BA, ZCV69360WA, ZCV69360XA, ZGC551GXC, ZOA35301XA, ZOA35309XA, ZOA35471XK, ZOA35502XD, ZOA35525WK, ZOA35525XK, ZOA35526WK, ZOA35526XK, ZOA35675WK, ZOA35675XK, ZOA35676WK, ZOA35676XK, ZOA35679WK, ZOA35802BK, ZOA35802XD, ZOA35972BK, ZOA35972XK, ZOB10501XA, ZOB20701XA, ZOB25702XA, ZOB31471WK, ZOB31471XK, ZOB35301BK, ZOB35301WK, ZOB35301XA, ZOB35301XE, ZOB35301XK, ZOB35302XA, ZOB35302XE, ZOB35302XK, ZOB35309XA, ZOB35361XK, ZOB35371XE, ZOB35471BK, ZOB35471WK, ZOB35471XK, ZOB35481XA, ZOB35481XC, ZOB65301XK, ZOCND7K1, ZOCND7X1, ZOCNX3WL, ZOCNX3WR, ZOCNX3XL, ZOCNX3XR, ZOHCX3K2, ZOHCX3W2, ZOHCX3X2, ZOHNA7K1, ZOHNA7X1, ZOHNX3K1, ZOHNX3W1, ZOHNX3X1, ZOHXX2X1, ZOP37902XU, ZOP37907XA, ZOP37909XA, ZOP37972BK, ZOP37981XK, ZOP37982XC, ZOP37982XK, ZOP37987XK, ZOP37987XU, ZOP38903XD, ZOPNA7K1, ZOPNA7X1, ZOPND7X1, ZOPNX6K2, ZOPNX6X2, ZOS37972XK, ZOS37972XK

Replaces: 3879097016, 9441893733

Measurements: 415 x 330 x 39.5mm

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