Tricity Bendix Compatible Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cold Water Fill Hose - 2.5m

SKU: DSP400/818

Fits: Tricity Bendix
Tricity Bendix Compatible Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cold Water Fill Hose - 2.5m for select models of Tricity Bendix Washing Machines and Dishwashers.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): 259OS, 7001, 7003, 7003/1, 7125, 71258, 71258AL, 7128, 71288, 7129, 7133, 7133/1, 71368, 71378, 71378AL, 71388, 71388, 7142, 7142A, 7142B, 7143, 7147, 71478, 71478, 7147A, 7147B, 7147EB, 7148, 71678, 71678, 7168, 7179, 73088, 73168, 73378, 73378AL, 73468, 7348, 7349, 7379, 73868, 780B, 780W, 78288, 78488, 78589, 78688, 78788, 78788, 78888, 91175018800, 91465750600, 930, APK45I, APK60I, AUT1200BA450, AUTODRYER EL, AUTODRYER W, AUTODRYER, AUTOW1000DL, AUTOW800DL, AUTOWASH800, AUTWAS1000DL, AW1000W, AW1001W, AW1002W, AW1050, AW1050, AW1053W, AW1054W, AW1070, AW1070, AW1100S, AW1100W, AW1200, AW1200W, AW1201W, AW1202W, AW1250, AW1253W, AW1253W, AW1260S, AW1260W, AW1400W, AW1401W, AW1402W, AW1460W, AW1560W, AW400, AW400, AW405, AW405, AW410, AW410W, AW420, AW440, AW440AL, AW440W, AW450, AW450W, AW460, AW460W, AW480, AW480A, AW480AL, AW480W, AW660, AW700, AW800, AW850, AW850W, AW851, AW851S, AW870, AW871W, AW900W, B1053X, BA450, BA450/B, BA450B, BDW10, BDW45, BDW46, BDW52, BDW53, BDW54, BDW55, BDW60, BF853X, BIW100, BIW1000W, BIW1000W, BIW102, BIW103W, BIW104W, BIW105W, BIW1200W, BIW1200W, BIW1202, BIW123W, BIW125W, BIW126W, BIW145W, BIW80, BIW85, BK110B, BK110W, BK111, BK111B, BK111W, BK180, BK200B, BK200W, BK205, BK205B, BK205B/W, BK205BW, BK205W, BK280, BK450, BK850, BONUX, BRILJANT, BTD03, BW450, BW4510, BW545, BW5450, BW550B, BW550W, BW650, BWD1011, BWD1012, BWD134W, CAW1000, CAW1010, CAW1010, CAW1200, CAW1210, CAW800, CAW810, CAW811, CC500/1GRN, CDW012, CDW021, CDW029, CDW086, CDW086, CDW087, CDW087, CDW101, CIW800, CLASS/1GRN, CPW1000, CSI3302 B, CTM500, CWD1000, CWD1010, CWD1200, DH040, DH041, DH085, DH085, DH086, DH086, DH088W, DH090, DH092W, DH100, DH101, DH102, DH102D, DH103, DH104W, DH150, DH200W, DH800, DI520-3, DI5203, DI960-2, DI9602, DIS.AUTOTWEL, DISAUTOTWEL, DV451, DV4550, DVI4560, DW120, DWN 28 BX, DWN 28 S/S (NZ), DWN 28 S/S.1 (NZ), DWN 28 X (NZ), DWN 41, DWN21, DWN28BX, DWN28S/S(NZ), DWN28S/S.1(NZ), DWN28X(NZ), DWN31, DWN31BX, DWN41, DWS909AL, DX960-3, DX9603, EVEREST/01, EVEREST/07, EW1003W, FJ1094G, HOME LAUNDRY, HOMELAUNDRY, KRC90X, LAH.45L, LAH45L, N3005B, PASSELI 60P, PASSELI45L, PASSELI60P, QB140W, QB141W, QB143W, QB144W, QB145, QB145W, QB146W, QB160W, QB161W, SIERRA-M/01, SIERRA-N/01, SIERRA-N/06, SIERRA-N/07, SIERRA-V/01, SIERRA-V/06, SIERRA-V/07, STREAM L1000, STREAM LIN, STREAML1000, STREAMLIN, TB1000W, TBDW30, TBDW32, TBDW41, TBDW42, TBWD1210, TBWM1110, TDF200, TDF221, TDF222, TDS200, TDS222, TM471, TM471, WASHDR1000, WD1264XAUS, WDR1020, WDR1030, WDR1040W, WDR1041W, WDR1240W, WDR1241W, WDR1242W, WR540, WR540A, WR540AL, WR540W, ZAFFIROII, ZF1027 VELOCE, ZHC90X, ZHC910X, ZHC9141X, ZHC915N, ZHC915W, ZHC915X, ZHC915X/V, ZHC915X1, ZHC915XM, ZHC922X, ZHC927X, ZHC928X, ZHC941ALU, ZHC941X, ZT615, ZW106, ZW107, ZW122VS, ZW123, ZW124VS, ZW125, ZW145, ZW147, ZW414, ZW416, ZW726, ZW826, ZWG6161, ZWG6165

Measurements: 2.5m

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