Neff Compatible 00268698 Fridge Freezer Hinges (2 Pack)

SKU: DSP100/105

Fits: Neff

Neff Compatible 00268698 Fridge Freezer Hinges (2 Pack) for select models of Neff Fridge Freezers.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): 195301201(00), G4510X0FF/00, G4513X0/02, G4520X1EE/01, 1953012056311, G4510X1FF/01, G4513X0/03, G4520X1FF/01, 19530239300, G4510X1GB/01, G4513X0GB/01, G4520X1GB/01, 195302394(00), G4511X0/01, G4513X0GB/02, G4520X2/01, 195306389(00), G4511X0EE/01, G4513X0GB/03, G4520X3/01, 195306390(00), G4511X0GB/01, G4520X0/00, G4520X3/02, 195306391(00), G4512X0/01, G4520X0EE/00, G4521X0/01, 195307197(00), G4512X0GB/01, G4520X0FF/00, G4521X0EE/01, 195307202(00), G4512X0IE/01, G4520X0GB/00, G4521X0GB/01, 195307236(00), G4513X0/01, G4520X1/01, G4522X0/01, G4522X0GB/01, G6520X0/02, K4460X0/01, K4462X0GB/01, G4523X0/01, K4450X0/01, K4460X0/02, K4462X0IE/01, G4523X0/02, K4450X0GB/01, K4460X0GB/01, K4462X0RK/01, G4523X0/03, K4450X0IE/01, K4460X0IE/01, K4462X0RK/02, G4523X0GB/01, K4450XOIE/01, K4460X2EU/01, K4462X0RK/32, G4523X0GB/02, K4453X0/01, K4460X2IE/01, K4463X0/01, G4523X0GB/03, K4453X0/32, K4460X3EU/01, K4463X0/32, G4610X0/00, K4453X0GB/01, K4460X3EU/32, K4463X0GB/01, G4610X1/01, K4453X0GB/32, K4460X3IE/01, K4463X0GB/32, G6520X0/01, K4453X0IE/01, K4462X0/01, K4463X0IE/01, K4463X0IE/02, K4510X3/03, K4512X0IE/01, K4513X0IE/01, K4463X0IE/32, K4510X3/04, K4513X0/01, K4513X0IE/02, K4463X0IE/33, K4510X3/05, K4513X0/02, K4513X0IE/07, K4510X0/00, K4510X3/06, K4513X0/03, K4531X0/01, K4510X0EE/00, K4511X0/01, K4513X0/04, K4531X0GB/01, K4510X0GB/00, K4511X0GB/01, K4513X0/05, K4532X0/01, K4510X1EE/01, K4511X1/01, K4513X0/06, K4532X0GB/01, K4510X2/01, K4511X1GB/01, K4513X0GB/01, K4533X0/01, K4510X3/01, K4512X0/01, K4513X0GB/02, K4533X0/02, K4510X3/02, K4512X0GB/01, K4513X0GB/03, K4533X0GB/01, K4533X0GB/02, K4543X0IE/02, K4600X0GB/01, K4610X0GB/01, K4540X1EE/01, K4600X0/01, K4610X0/01, K4650X3GB/01

Replaces: 00268698, 00055099, 00050481

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