Indesit C00563962 Fridge LED Bulb

SKU: DSP401/137

Fits: Indesit

Indesit C00563962 Fridge LED Bulb for select models of Indesit Fridges and Freezers.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): B 18 A1 D S/I 1, B 18 A1 D S/I MC 1, B 18 A1 D/I 1, B 18 A1 D/I MC 1, BI18A1DIC 1, BIAA 10P SI, BIAA 10P X H, BIAA 10P X, BIAA 10P, BIAA 12P (UA), BIAA 12P SI, BIAA 12P X, BIAA 12P, BIAA 134P SI, BIAA 134P, BIAA 13P H, BIAA 13P K DR, BIAA 13P SI, BIAA 13P V DR, BIAA 13P V SI DR, BIAA 13P V X DR, BIAA 13P V X H, BIAA 13P X DR, BIAA 13P X, BIAA 13P, BIAA 14P DR, BIAA 14P X, BIAA10PUK, BIAA12PSIUK, BIAA12PUK, BIAA134PSIUK, BIAA134PUK, BIAA134PXUK, BIAAA 10P X, BIAAA 10P, BIAAA 12P, BIAAA 13P X, BIAAA 13P, BIAAA 14P X, BIAAA12PUK, BIN18A1DIF 1, CAA 55 1, CAA 55 NX 1, CAA 55 NX, CAA 55 S 1, DUGM 19A11 (TK), DUGM 19A12 (TK), I55TM 4110 S1, I55TM 4110 W1, I60TM 7110 S, I7TM 8111 NFX UK EX, IB 34 AA F X, IB 7030 A1 D.UK 1, IB5050A1D.UK, IB7030A1D.UK, IBD 5515 B 1, IBD 5515 S 1, IBD 5515 W 1, IBD 5517 B UK 1, IBD 5517 S UK 1, IBD5515BUK, IBD5515SUK, IBD5515WUK, IBD5517BUK, IBD5517SUK, IBD5517WUK, IBD5517WUK, IBNF5517WUK, IC35FAAUK, IFA1.UK, IL A1.UK 1, ILA1.UK, IN C 325 FF.1, IN CB 31 AA S V, IN CB 31 AAA V, IN TS 1612 1, INC 325 FF 0, INC325FF, LD70 S1 W, LD70N1XUK, LI7 FF1 W, LI7 FF1 X, LI7 FF2 S B, LI7 FF2 W B, LI7 FF2 W, LI70 FF1 W, LI8 F1 W, LI8 FF1O S, LI8 FF2 S H, LI8 FF2 S, LI8 FF2 W.1, LI8 FF2 X, LI80 FF1 K, LI80 FF1 S, LI80 FF1 W, LI80 FF2 S B, LI80 FF2 W B, LI80 FF2O X B, LR6S1WUK, LR7S1SUK, LR7S1WUK, LR8S1SAQUK, LR8S1SUK, LR8S1WAQUK, LR8S1WUK, NCAA 55 NX, NCAA 55, NTAA 25 NX (FR), NTAA 3 V NX (FR), NTAA 3 V NX, PTAA 3 V X, PTAA 3 V, S 12 A1 D/I 1, SI41WUK, SI6 1 W, SI61SUK, SI61WUK, T 16 A1 D/I 1, TAA 12 N, TAA 12 V, TAA 5 1, TAA 5 S 1, TAA 5 V 1, TAAN 25 (FR), TAAN 25 V (FR), TAAN 3 (FR), TAAN 3 V (FR), TAAN 3 VS (FR), TAAN 3 VT, TAAN 6 FNF S1, TAAN 6 FNF, TAAN 6 FNF1, TAAN25UK, TAE 3 V (SP) (0), TAE 37 (AG), TAN 25 (FR), TAN 25 G (FR), TAN 25 T, TAN 25 V (FR), TAN 3 (FR), TAN 3 S (FR), TAN 3 V (FR), TAN 3 X (FR), TIAA 10 SI, TIAA 10 SI.1, TIAA 10 V SI, TIAA 10 V SI.1, TIAA 10 V, TIAA 10 V.1, TIAA 10 X, TIAA 10 X.1, TIAA 10, TIAA 11 SI, TIAA 11 V SL, TIAA 11 V, TIAA 11 X, TIAA 11, TIAA 12 (TK), TIAA 12 V 1, TIAA 12 V SI 1, TIAA 12 V SI, TIAA 12 V SI.1, TIAA 12 V T, TIAA 12 V X, TIAA 12 V X.1, TIAA 12 V, TIAA 12 V.1, TIAA 12 X, TIAA 12 X.1, TIAA 12, TIAA10VX, TIAA11UK, TIAAA 12 V X, TNIAA 9 F (TK), TNIAA 9 F S (TK), WBIAA 13P V DR, XD95T1IW, XI8 T1I W, XI8 T1I X, XI8 T2Y K B, XI8 T2Y S B H, XI8 T2Y S B, XI8 T2Y X B H, XI8 T2Y X B, XI8 T3Y S B, XI8 T3Y X BM H, XI9 T1I W, XI9 T1I X, XI9 T1O S H, XI9 T1O X H, XI9 T2I W, XI9 T2I X, XI9 T2O X MB, XI9 T2Y S B H, XI9 T2Y X B H

Replaces: C00563962

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