Indesit C00142206 Washing Machine Drain Hose

SKU: DSP401/006

Fits: Indesit

Indesit C00142206 Washing Machine Drain Hose for select models of Indesit Washing Machines.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): BWA 61052X W IT, BWA 61252 W EU, BWA 71052 W EU, BWA 71052X W EU, BWA 71053 W PL, BWA 71053X W IT, BWA 71083X W PL, BWA 71252 W EU, BWA 71252 W EU/1, BWA 71253 W PL, BWA 71283X W PL, BWA 81083X W PL, BWA 81283X W EU, BWA81283XWUK, BWA81483XSUK, BWA81483XWUK, BWA81683XKUK, BWA81683XWUK, BWA91683XWUK, BWC61452SUK, BWC61452WUK, BWD 61252 W FR, BWD 71252 W FR, BWD 71253 W EU, BWD 71452 W FR, BWD 71453 S FR, BWD71252WUKR, BWE 61252 W FR, BWE 71253X W FR, BWE 71253X WSS FR, BWE 71253X WSSS EU, BWE 71283X W IT, BWE 71453X S FR, BWE 71453X WSSS EU, BWE 71483X W NL, BWE 81283X W FR, BWE 81284X W EU, BWE 81284X WSSS EU, BWE 81284X WWGG IT, BWE 81483X K FR, BWE 81483X W FR, BWE 81484X WSSS EU, BWE 81683X WKKK CH, BWE 81683X WSSS EU, BWE 81683X WSSS NL, BWE 91283X K FR, BWE 91283X W FR, BWE 91284X WSSS EU, BWE 91284X WSSS IT, BWE 91483X W FR, BWE 91484X WSSS EU, BWE71453WUK, BWE81483XWUK, BWE91484XSUK, BWE91484XWKK, BWE91484XWUK, BWE91683X WU, BWSC61252WR, IWC 8085 B (EU), IWC 8105 B (EU), IWC 81051 C ECO(EU), IWC 81052 C ECO EU, IWC 8108 B (IT), IWC 81081 ECO (EU), IWC 81082 C ECO (IT), IWC 81082 ECO (EU), IWC 8125 B (EU), IWC 81251 B (EU), IWC 81251 B ECO (EU), IWC 81251 C (FR), IWC 81252 C FR, IWC 8128 (FR), IWC 8128 B (EU), IWC 8128 S (FR), IWC 81282 (FR), IWC 81282 S (FR), IWC 81283 C ECO EU, IWC 8148 (FR), IWC 91082 ECO (EU), IWC 91083 C ECO TK, IWC8085BGR, IWC8123UK, IWC81481ECOU, IWC81481ECUK, IWC8148UK, IWC8148UKE, IWD 8125 B (EU), IWD 8125 S (EU), IWD 81251 C (FR), IWD 81251 C ECO (EU), IWD 81252 C ECO EU, IWD 8128 (FR), IWD 8128 S (FR), IWD 81282 C (FR), IWD 81282 S (FR), IWD 81283 ECO (EU), IWD 8148 (FR), IWD 8148 B (EU), IWD 81482 C (FR), IWD 91282 C (FR), IWE 71083 C ECO EU, IWE 71483 C ECO (DE), IWE 8128 B (EU), IWE 8128 B (FR), IWE 8128 B ECO (WE), IWE 8128 SL (EE), IWE 81282 B C ECO EU, IWE 81282 B ECO (EU), IWE 81282 SL ECO(EU), IWE 81283 SL CECO EU, IWE 8148 B (FR), IWE 81482 B (FR), IWE 8168 B (EU), IWE 81682 B ECO (EU), IWE 81683 B C ECO EU, IWE 91280 B (GR), IWE 91281 B C ECO GR, IWE 91282SL C ECO TK, IWE 91283 SL CECO TK, IWE8123UK, IWE8123UKE, IWE81251SECO, IWE81281ECOU, IWE81281KECO, IWE81281KUK, IWE81281KUKE, IWE81281SUK, IWE81281SUKE, IWE81281UK, IWE81281UKE, IWE81481ECOU, IWE81481SECO, IWE81481SUK, IWE81481SUKE, IWE81481UK, IWE81481UKE, IWE81681ECOU, IWE81681SUK, IWE81681UK, IWE81681UKE, IWE91281ECOU, IWE91480UK, IWE91480UKE, IWE91481ECOU, PWC 81072 W (EU), PWC 8108 W (EU), PWC 81272 W (EU), PWC 8128 W (EU), PWC 81472 W (FR), PWC 8148 W (EU), PWC 8148 W (FR), PWC 91271 W (EU), PWC8128WUK, PWC8148WUK, PWDC8125WUK, PWDC8127WUK, PWDE 81473 W (EU), PWDE 81473 W (FR), PWDE 8148 W (FR), PWDE 81480 W (FR), PWDE8147SUK, PWDE81480WUK, PWDE8148SUK, PWDE81680SUK, PWDE91473SUK, PWE 81271 W (EU), PWE 81272 W (EU), PWE 81272 W (FR), PWE 8128 S (FR), PWE 8128 W (EU), PWE 8128 W (FR), PWE 81472 S (EU), PWE 81472 S (FR), PWE 81472 W (EU), PWE 8148 S (EU), PWE 8148 S (FR), PWE 8148 W (EU), PWE 81672 W (EU), PWE 8168 W (EU), PWE 91272 S (EU), PWE 91272 W (EU), PWE 91273 S (EU), PWE8148SUK, PWE8148WUK, PWE8168SUK, PWE91272WUK, PWE91472SUK, PWE91472SUKE, PWE91472WUK, PWE91472WUKE, PWE91672WUK, PWE91672WUKE, PWE9168SUK, WIXXL106EU, WIXXL106IT, WIXXL126EU, WIXXL126FR, WIXXL126SEU, WIXXL146EU, WIXXL146IT, WIXXL146UK, WIXXL86EU, WMA 71600 (EU), XWA 71083X WWBB TK, XWA 71283X W EU, XWA 81052X W TK, XWA 81083X W TK, XWA 81252X S FR, XWA 81252X WWBB FR, XWA 81252X WWWG EU, XWA 81283X W AUS, XWA 81283X W EU, XWA 81482X W FR, XWA 91082X WWWG EU, XWA 91482X W FR, XWA81252XKUK, XWA81252XWUK, XWA81482XSUK, XWA81482XWUK, XWA81682XSUK, XWA81682XUK, XWA81682XWUK, XWA91683XWUK, XWC 81051X WWGG EU, XWC 81251X W EU, XWC 81252X W EU, XWC 81252X W FR, XWC81483XSUK, XWC81483XWUK, XWD 81283X S TK, XWD 91082X WWGG EU, XWD 91283X WKKC TK, XWE 71283X WWGG IT, XWE 71483X W EU, XWE 81252X W FR, XWE 81252X WSSG FR, XWE 81283X S EU, XWE 81283X S EX, XWE 81283X W EU, XWE 81283X WSSG TK, XWE 81283X WSSS EU, XWE 81283X WWGG, XWE 81284X WWGG IT, XWE 81284X WWGG PL, XWE 81482X W FR, XWE 81483X K EU, XWE 81483X W FR, XWE 81483X WSSS EU, XWE 81484X WSSS EU, XWE 81683X W EU, XWE 81683X WSSS DE, XWE 81683X WSSS EU, XWE 81688X WSSS NL, XWE 91283X S 60HZ, XWE 91283X W FR, XWE 91283X WSSS 60HZ, XWE 91283X WSSS EU, XWE 91283X WWGC TK, XWE 91284X WWGG IT, XWE 91482X W FR, XWE 91483X S EU, XWE 91483X S TK, XWE 91483X W EU, XWE 91483X W FR, XWE 91483X WSSS EU, XWE 91483X WSSS EX, XWE81482XWUK, XWE91282XSUK, XWE91282XWUK, XWE91483XKUK, XWE91483XSUK, XWE91483XUK, XWE91483XWUK, XWE91683XWWW

Replaces: C00142206

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