Indesit C00092156 Washing Machine Door Seal Retainer Clamp - Front

SKU: DSP400/718

Fits: Indesit

Indesit C00092156 Washing Machine Door Seal Retainer Clamp - Front for select models of Indesit Washing Machines.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): AVXXL109/1EX, AVXXL129/1EX, AVXXL149/1EX, BIWDIL7125UK, BIWMIL71252U, BIWMIL71452U, BIWMML71452U, BWC61452SUK, BWC61452WUK, BWD71252WUKR, BWD71453KUK, BWD71453SUK, BWD71453WUK, BWE71453WUK, BWSC61252WR, BWSC61252WUK, BWSD71252WUK, EWD71252WUK, EWD71452WUK, EWD81482SUK, EWD81482WUK, EWD81482WUKM, EWDE7125S58, EWDE7125SUK, EWDE7145W58, EWDE7145WUK, EWE91482WUK, EWME147UK, EWSD61252W, EWSD61252WUK, INX 61252 W FR, IWB 51051 C ECO EU, IWB 51051 EU, IWB 51251 C ECO (EU), IWB 51251 C ECO EU.C, IWB 61051 C ECO EU, IWB 61451 C ECO EU, IWB5113UK, IWB51231ECOU, IWB5123UK, IWB5123UKB, IWB5123UKE, IWB6113ECOUK, IWB6113UK, IWB6123UK, IWB6123UKE, IWB71250UK, IWB71250UK.T, IWB71250UKE, IWB71251ECOM, IWB71251ECOU, IWB71251UK.C, IWC 5125 FR.C, IWC 51251 C ECO EU, IWC 51451 EU, IWC 60851 C ECO IT, IWC 61051 C ECO EU, IWC 61051 EU, IWC 61052 C ECO IT, IWC 61052 C ECO TK, IWC 61252 C FR, IWC 61252 S C FR, IWC 61252 SL C FR, IWC 7105 ECO (EE), IWC 71052 C ECO IT, IWC 71052 C ECO TK, IWC 71052 C FR, IWC 71252 C ECO EU, IWC 71252 C FR, IWC 71252 S C FR.C, IWC 71283 C ECO EU, IWC 71452 C FR.C, IWC 81052 C ECO EU, IWC 81283 C ECO EU, IWC 81482 ECO UK.M, IWC 91083 C ECO TK, IWC6105UK, IWC6105UKE, IWC61251SECO, IWC6125SUK, IWC6125SUKE, IWC6125UK, IWC6125UKE, IWC6133UK, IWC61451ECOU, IWC61451S.EC, IWC61451SECO, IWC6145SUK, IWC6145SUKE, IWC6145UK, IWC6145UKE, IWC6153UK, IWC61651ECOU, IWC61651SECO, IWC6165SUK, IWC6165SUKE, IWC6165UK, IWC6165UKC, IWC6165UKE, IWC71252ECOK, IWC71252ECOU, IWC71450UK, IWC71450UKE, IWC71451ECOU, IWC71451UK.M, IWC71452ECOC, IWC71452ECOU, IWC71452UK, IWC8085BGR, IWC8123UK, IWC81252ECOU, IWC81481ECOU, IWC81481ECUK, IWC81482ECOU, IWC81482UKM, IWC8148UK, IWC8148UKE, IWC91282ECOU, IWC91482ECOU, IWD 61451 C ECO EU, IWD 61451 C FR, IWD 61452 C ECO DE, IWD 61452 C FR.C, IWD 71052SL C ECO EU, IWD 71251 C ECO EU, IWD 71252 C ECO EU, IWD 71252 S C FR, IWD 71452 C FR, IWD 71483B C ECO DE, IWD 81252 C ECO EU, IWD51231ECOU, IWD5123UK, IWD5123UKE, IWD61250KUK, IWD61250KUKE, IWD6125UK, IWD6125UKE, IWD61450UK, IWD61450UKE, IWD61451BECO, IWD61451BUKC, IWD71250SUK, IWD71250SUKE, IWD71250UK, IWD71250UK.T, IWD71250UKE, IWD71251ECO, IWD71251ECOU, IWD71251SECO, IWD71251UK.C, IWD71251UK.T, IWD71451BECO, IWD71451ECOU, IWD71451KECO, IWD71451SECO, IWD71451UK.C, IWD7145KUK, IWD7145KUKE, IWD7145SUK, IWD7145SUKE, IWD7145UK, IWD7145UKE, IWD7168SUK, IWD7168UK, IWDC 6125 K FR, IWDC 7125BC ECO(KSA), IWDC6105UK, IWDC6125S58, IWDC6125SUK, IWDC6125UK, IWDC6125UK58, IWDC6143UK, IWDC6143UK58, IWDD6105BECO, IWDD6105EC58, IWDD7123SUK, IWDD7123UK, IWDD7123UK58, IWDD7143S58, IWDD7143SUK, IWDD7143UK, IWDD7143UK58, IWDE126UK, IWDE12UK, IWDE146UK, IWDE146UK., IWDE7125BUK, IWDE7125S58, IWDE7125SUK, IWDE7145BUK, IWDE7145KUK, IWDE7145SUK, IWDE7168UK, IWDEB712558, IWE 61051 C ECO EX, IWE 61051 EU, IWE 61252 C ECO EU, IWE 71252 C ECO EU, IWE 81283 SL CECO EU, IWE 91281 B C ECO GR, IWE 91283 SL CECO TK, IWE71451BECO, IWE71451BUKC, IWE7145BUK, IWE7145BUK.C, IWE7145BUKE, IWE7145KUK, IWE7145SUK, IWE71682WECO, IWE7168BUK, IWE7168SUK, IWE8123UK, IWE8123UKE, IWE81251SECO, IWE81281ECOU, IWE81281KECO, IWE81281KUK, IWE81281KUKE, IWE81281SUK, IWE81281SUKE, IWE81281UK, IWE81281UKE, IWE81481ECOU, IWE81481SECO, IWE81481SUK, IWE81481SUKE, IWE81481UK, IWE81481UKE, IWE81681ECOU, IWE81681SUK, IWE81681UK, IWE81681UKE, IWE91281ECOU, IWE91480UK, IWE91480UKE, IWE91481ECOU, IWME126UK, IWME126UKE, IWME127UK, IWME127UK., IWME12UK, IWME146UK, IWME146UK., IWME147UK, IWME147UKE, IWMEB127UK, IWND 61252 C ECO EU, IWSB 50851 UA, IWSB 51051 UA, IWSB 61051 C ECO EU, IWSB51151ECO, IWSB51251UK, IWSB61151ECO, IWSC 4085 ECO (EE), IWSC 50852 C ECO EU, IWSC 51051 UA, IWSC 61082 C ECO EU, IWSC 61253 C ECO EU, IWSC51051ECO, IWSC51051UK, IWSC51051UKM, IWSC51251.EC, IWSC51251ECO, IWSC51251KEC, IWSC5125UK, IWSC61051UK, IWSC61251UK, IWSD 5105 UZ, IWSD 51051 UA, IWSD 60852 C ECO EU, IWSD 61051 B UA, IWSD 71051 UA, IWSD51151BEC, IWSD51251ECO, IWSD61251ECO, IWSE 51051 B CECO EU, IWSE 51051 UA, IWSNC51051CECOEU, IWSND 61252 C ECO EU, IWSND 61253 C ECO EU, IWSNE 61252 C ECO EU, IWSNE 61253 C ECO EU, IWUC 40851 UA, IWUC 41051 C ECO EU, IWUD 41051 C ECO PL, IWUD 41252 C ECO EU, IWUDN 4105X9 C CZ, LWC71453WUK, LWD81483WUK, LWE91483WUK, NWS 6105 GR, NWS 6105, NWS 7105 GR, PI640AS(IX), SIXL125SEU, SIXL145DUK, SIXL145DUK.1, SIXL145KUK, SIXL145SKUK, SIXL145SUK, SIXL145UK, WI101UK, WI121UK, WI141UK, WI82EX, WIA101UK, WIA111UK, WIA121UK, WIB101UK, WIB111UK, WIDE127UK, WIDL102UK, WIDL126SUK, WIDL126UK, WIDL146UK, WIDXE146SUK, WIDXE146UK, WIDXL102UK, WIDXL126SUK, WIDXL126UK, WIDXL146UK, WIDXXL146EU, WIE127UK, WIE137SUK, WIE147UK, WIE147UKCO, WIE147UKTE, WIE147UKTEV, WIE157SUK, WIE167UK, WIL103UK, WIL113UK, WIL113UKBG, WIL113UKTE, WIL123SUK, WIL133UK, WIL133UKCO, WIL133UKTE, WIL133UKTEV, WIL133UKTEV/, WIL143SUK, WIL143UK, WIL143UKTE, WIL144SPUK, WIL153UK, WIL163SUK, WIL163UK, WIS62EX, WISL66IT, WISN 101 UA, WITL 105 (EU), WIXE127UK, WIXE127UKTEV, WIXE127UKV, WIXE167UK, WIXL1200OTUK, WIXL123SUK, WIXL123SUK.1, WIXL123SUK/Y, WIXL123SUK1Y, WIXL123UK, WIXL123UK.1, WIXL123UK.1T, WIXL123UKTEV, WIXL126UK, WIXL126UKV, WIXL133UK, WIXL143SUK, WIXL143SUK/Y, WIXL143UK, WIXL143UKTEV, WIXL163SUK, WIXL163SUK/Y, WIXL163UK, WIXL163UK/Y, WIXXE127UK.C, WIXXE127UK.R, WIXXE147SUK, WIXXE147UK.1, WIXXE167SUK, WIXXE167UK, WIXXE167UK.C, WIXXL146UK, WMA 71600 CH, XWA 61051 W EU, XWA 61051 W PL, XWA 61251 WWB FR, XWA 61252 W FR, XWA 71051 W EU, XWA 71051 W PL, XWA 71252 SG FR, XWA 71252 WWB FR, XWA 71452 W EU, XWA 71452 W FR, XWA61452WUK, XWA71451WWGU, XWA71452KUK, XWB71252WUK, XWC 61051 W EU, XWC 61252 W FR, XWC 71051 W EU, XWC 71252 S FR, XWC 71252 W EU, XWC 71252 W FR, XWC61452SUK, XWC61452WUK, XWC61651WUK, XWC71252WUK, XWC71452WUK, XWD 71283 W EU, XWD61452WUK, XWD71252SUK, XWD71252WUK, XWD71452SUK, XWD71452WUK, XWE 61251 W PL, XWE 61252 W FR, XWE 61452 W EU, XWE 71251 W EU, XWE 71252 W EU, XWE 71252 W PL, XWE 71252 WSG FR, XWE 71252 WWG FR, XWE 71452 W EU, XWE 71452 WSG FR, XWSA 51052 W 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Replaces: C00092156

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