Hotpoint Compatible Washing Machine Fill Hose Washer with Filter (2 Pack)

SKU: DSP400/759

Fits: Hotpoint

Hotpoint Compatible Washing Machine Fill Hose Washer with Filter (2 Pack) for select models of Hotpoint Washing Machines.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): 1450, 1451, 1460, 1461, 1464, 1466, 1467, 1469, 1475, 14764, 14770, 14790, 14792, 14794, 1482, 1483, 14860, 14870, 14890, 14892, 1507, 1509, 1509/01, 1509/10, 15690, 15790, 15792, 1824, 1827, 1828/01, 1828/02, 1828/07, 18331, 18331/9, 18340, 18361, 18370, 18371, 18380, 18381, 1842, 1848, 1850, 1851, 1851/03, 1852, 18580, 18680, 18780, 18871, 18872, 18873, 18880, 6200B, 6200P, 6240B, 6240P, 9400A, 9400T, 9400W, 9402W, 9403W, 9404A, 9404W, 9410A, 9410T, 9410W, 9414A, 9414W, 9506W, 9510A, 9510W, 9511W, 9512W, 95130, 95132, 9513W, 9514A, 9514W, 9515A, 9515W, 9516A, 9516P, 9516W, 9517P, 9517W, 9518P, 9518W, 9519W, 9520A, 9520W, 9524A, 9524W, 9525A, 9525W, 9525WE, 9526A, 9526P, 9526PE, 9526W, 9527A, 9527P, 9527W, 9528A, 9528P, 9528W, 9529A, 9529P, 9529W, 9530A, 9530W, 9531W, 9533P, 9533W, 9534A, 9534P, 9534W, 9535A, 9535P, 9535PE, 9535W, 95360, 95362, 9536A, 9536P, 9536PX, 9536W, 9536WX, 9537A, 9537P, 9537PE, 9537W, 9538A, 9538P, 9538PE, 9538PF, 9538W, 9539A, 9539P, 9539W, 9540A, 9540P, 9540W, 9544A, 9544P, 9544W, 95450, 95452, 9545A, 9545P, 9545PE, 9545W, 9546A, 9546P, 9546PE, 9546W, 95470, 95472, 95490, 95492, 9549A, 9549P, 9549W, 9550A, 9550W, 9551A, 9551W, 9554A, 9554P, 9554W, 9555A, 9555P, 9555W, 9556A, 9556P, 9556W, 9559A, 9559P, 9559W, 9560A, 9560P, 9560W, 9561A, 9561P, 9561W, 95620, 95622, 9564A, 9564P, 9564W, 9565A, 9565P, 9565W, 9566A, 9566P, 9566PE, 9566W, 9567A, 9567P, 9567PE, 9567PX, 9567W, 9569A, 9569P, 9569W, 9570W, 9571A, 9572W, 9573W, 9574P, 9574W, 9575W, 9576W, 9577A, 9577P, 9577W, 9578P, 95840, 95842, 9585B, 9585P, 9586B, 9586P, 9589B, 9589P, 9600A, 9600W, 9604A, 9604W, 9605A, 9605W, 96700, 96702, 9770P, 9773P, 9774P, 9775A, 9775W, 9776A, 9776P, 9777P, 9900A, 9900W, 9901A, 9901P, 9901W, 9912P, 9912W, 9916P, 9916W, 9920A, 9920W, 9924A, 9924W, 9925A, 9925P, 9925W, 9926A, 9926P, 9926W, 9928A, 9928P, 9928W, 9934A, 9934P, 9934W, 9935A, 9935P, 9935PE, 9935W, 9936A, 9936P, 9936PE, 9936W, 9938A, 9938P, 9938W, 9945A, 9945P, 9945W, 9946A, 9946P, 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