Hotpoint Compatible C00380132 Tumble Dryer Vent Hose (4" Inch x 3 Metre)

SKU: DSP400/886

Fits: Hotpoint

Hotpoint Compatible C00380132 Tumble Dryer Vent Hose (4" Inch x 3 Metre) for select models of Hotpoint Tumble Dryers.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): 1355W, 1700, 1701, 1701/21, 17221, 17230, 1730, 1731, 17330, 17332, 17351, 1737, 17420, 17422, 17430, 17432, 17450, 17451, 17451/2, 17560, 1762, 17660, 17660/2, 17760, 9300A, 9300W, 9301A, 9301W, 9303A, 9303W, 9304A, 9304W, 9305P, 9305PE, 9305W, 9306A, 9306P, 9306PE, 9306W, 9310A, 9310W, 9311W, 9312A, 9312W, 9313W, 9314A, 9314W, 9315A, 9315W, 9316A, 9316P, 9316W, 9316W/1, 9317A, 9317P, 9317PE, 9317W, 9317W/1, 9318A, 9318P, 9318W, 9320A, 9320W, 9321A, 9321W, 9324A, 9324P, 9324W, 9325A, 9325P, 9325PE, 9325W, 9325WE, 9326A, 9326P, 9326PE, 9326W, 9326W/1, 9327A, 9327P, 9327PE, 9327W, 9328P, 9328W, 9329W, 9330A, 9330P, 9330W, 9334A, 9334P, 9334W, 9335A, 9335P, 9335PE, 9335W, 9336A, 9336P, 9336PE, 9336W, 9336W/1, 9339A, 9339P, 9339PE, 9339W, 9340A, 9340P, 9340W, 9344A, 9344P, 9344W, 9345A, 9345P, 9345PE, 9345W, 9346A, 9346P, 9346W, 93470, 93472, 9349A, 9349P, 9349W, 93580, 93582, 9370W, 9371P, 9371W, 9372W, 9372W/1, 93730, 93730/2, 93732, 93732/2, 9373P, 9374W, 9375P, 9385B, 9385P, 9386B, 9386P, AAQCF81UUK, AQC94F5EZ1UK, AQC94F7EM1UK, AQC9BF5EZ1UK, AQC9BF5IZ1UK, AQC9BF5SZ1UK, AQC9BF7E1UK, AQC9BF7I1UK, AQC9BF7S1UK, AQCF852BIUK, AQCF852BUUK, AQCF952BIUK, AQCF952BSUK, AQCF952BUUK, AQF841BPMHT, CDN7000BPUK, CDN7000PUK, CTD00G, CTD00P, CTD00T, CTD40G, CTD40P, CTD40T, CTD80G, CTD80P, CTD80T, CTD85A, CTD90XP, ECF87BPUK, FETC70BPUK, FETC70CPUK, FETV60CPUK, FTCD871GPYUK, FTCD9726PM1U, FTCF87BGGUK, FTCL871GPUK, FTVFG65BGGUK, FTVFXT75BGPU, H1 D80W UK, H2 D71W UK, H2 D81W E UK, H2 D81W UK, H3 D81B UK, H3 D81GS UK, H3 D81WB UK, H3 D91B UK, H3 D91GS UK, H3 D91WB UK, H8 D93WB UK, H8 D94WB UK, IDC75BUK, IDCA7H35BTMU, NM11964GCN, NT M11 8X3XB UK, NT M11 9X2SXB UK, NT M11 9X3E UK, NTM1081WKUK, NTM1182XBUK, NTM1192SKUK, NTM1192XBUK, NTM1192XBYUK, NV4D 01 P (UK), SDG428P, SDP428P, SUTCD97B6GMU, SUTCD97B6KMU, SUTCD97B6PMU, SUTCDGREEN9A, TC10PE, TC11P, TC71N, TC71P, TC71PE, TC71X, TC72N, TC72P, TC72PE, TC72X, TCAL 83C P/Z (UK), TCAL83C6GZUK, TCAL83C6PZUK, TCAL83CGZUK, TCAL83CPZUK, TCAM80CGZUK, TCAM80CPZUK, TCD970A, TCD970G, TCD970K, TCD970P, TCD975P, TCD980A, TCD980G, TCD980K, TCD980P, TCD985BP, TCDET77BEPUK, TCDET87BEPUK, TCEL87B6AUK, TCEL87B6GUK, TCEL87B6PUK, TCEM80C6GUK, TCEM80C6PUK, TCF SM 87B 6PY (UK), TCFG 87C 6P (UK), TCFG87C6GUK, TCFG87C6KUK, TCFG87C6PUK, TCFM70C6GUK, TCFM70C6PUK, TCFM80CGGUK, TCFM80CGKUK, TCFM80CGPUK, TCFM90C6PUK, TCFS73BGG.9U, TCFS73BGGUK, TCFS73BGKUK, TCFS73BGP.9U, TCFS73BGPUK, TCFS835BGK.9, TCFS835BGKUK, TCFS835BGPUK, TCFS83BGG.9U, TCFS83BGGUK, TCFS83BGK.9U, TCFS83BGKUK, TCFS83BGP.9U, TCFS83BGPUK, TCFS93BGGUK, TCFS93BGP.9U, TCFS93BGPUK, TCFSM87B6PYU, TCHL 73C RG (UK), TCHL73BRGUK, TCHL73BRPUK, TCHL73CRGUK, TCHL73CRPUK, TCHL780BPUK, TCHL83BRGUK, TCHL83BRPUK, TCHL83CRPUK, TCHL870BP.9U, TCL770G, TCL770P, TCL780G, TCL780P, TCL785BP, TCM570G, TCM570P, TCM580BPUK, TCM580G, TCM580P, TCM585BG, TCM585BP, TCM65A, TCUD93B6GZUK, TCUD93B6KZUK, TCUD93B6PZUK, TCUD97B6GMUK, TCUD97B6HMUK, TCUD97B6KMUK, TCUD97B6PMUK, TCYL757C6GUK, TCYL757C6PUK, TCYM750C6PUK, TCYM750C6SUK, TCYM80CPUK, TDC30N, TDC30P, TDC30S, TDC30YS, TDC32N, TDC32P, TDC32S, TDC60N, TDC60P, TDC60S, TDC60YS, TDC62N, TDC62P, TDC62S, TDHP871RPUK, TDL10P, TDL11P, TDL12P, TDL13P, TDL14P, TDL15P, TDL30N, TDL30P, TDL30S, TDL31N, TDL31P, TDL31S, TDL31YS, TDL32N, TDL32P, TDL32S, TDL34N, TDL34P, TDL34S, TDL52N, TDL52P, TDL52S, TDL54N, TDL54P, TDL54S, TDL60N, TDL60P, TDL60S, TDL60YS, TDL62N, TDL62P, TDL62S, TDWSF83BEPUK, TDWSF83EPZ(U, TDWSL73BUK, TFA34N, TFA34P, TFA34S, TFA53N, TFA53P, TFA53S, TL11P, TL11W, TL12P, TL14P, TL21A, TL21P, TL21W, TL22A, TL22P, TL22W, TL31A, TL31P, TL31W, TL32A, TL32P, TL32W, TL41A, TL41P, TL41W, TL42A, TL42P, TL42W, TL43A, TL43P, TL43W, TL51A, TL51P, TL51W, TL52A, TL52P, TL52W, TL61N, TL61P, TL61PE, TL61X, TL62H, TL62N, TL62P, TL62T, TL62U, TL62X, TL63PE, TL64PE, TL65PE, TL71N, TL71P, TL71S, TL71X, TL72PE, TS11P, TS11W, TS12A, TS12P, TS12PE, TS12W, TS13P, TS14P, TVAL73C6GZUK, TVAL73C6PZUK, TVAL73CGZUK, TVAL73CPZUK, TVAM70CGZUK, TVAM70CPZUK, TVEL75B6AUK, TVEL75C6GUK, TVEL75C6PUK, TVEM70C6GUK, TVEM70C6PUK, TVF760A, TVF760G, TVF760K, TVF760P, TVF770A, TVF770G, TVF770K, TVF770P, TVFET75B6AUK, TVFET75B6PUK, TVFG 85C 6K (UK), TVFG65B6GUK, TVFG65B6PUK, TVFG65C6GUK, TVFG65C6PUK, TVFG85C6GUK, TVFG85C6KUK, TVFG85C6PUK, TVFM 70B GG (UK), TVFM60B6GUK, TVFM60B6PUK, TVFM60C6GUK, TVFM60C6PUK, TVFM70BGGUK, TVFM70BGPUK, TVFS73BGG.9U, TVFS73BGGUK, TVFS73BGKUK, TVFS73BGP.9U, TVFS73BGPUK, TVFS83CGG.9U, TVFS83CGGUK, TVFS83CGP.9U, TVFS83CGPUK, TVFS83GP.9UK, TVHM80CGUK, TVHM80CPUK, TVM 70B GP (UK), TVM35A, TVM55A, TVM560G, TVM560P, TVM562G, TVM562P, TVM570G, TVM570P, TVM572G, TVM572P, TVM65A, TVYL 655C 6P (UK), TVYL655C6GUK, TVYL655C6PUK, TVYM650C6PUK, V3D00P, V3D01P, V4D01P, VTD00G, VTD00P, VTD00T, VTD20G, VTD20P, VTD20T, VTD6000PUK, VTD60G, VTD60P, VTD60T, VTD65A

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