Henry Compatible NUMBAG1000 Paper Vacuum Bags (10 Pack)

SKU: DSP100/537

Fits: Numatic (Henry)

Henry Compatible NUMBAG1000 Paper Vacuum Bags (10 Pack) for select models of Henry Vacuum Cleaners.


  • 10x Compatible Dust Bags
  • Collar: Cardboard
  • High filtration dual layer construction for exceptional cleaning
  • Sealable when removed for quick and clean disposal

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More Information

Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): Basil, Edward, Harry, Henry, Hetty, James, John, Lewis, 235, 250, 252, 260, 350, AVQ250, BASIL NB200, BASIL SE250, EDWARD EVR370, HARRY HHR200A, HENRY 200, HENRY HVC200, HENRY HVR200, HENRY HVR200-22, HENRY HVR200A, HENRY HVR200P, HENRY HVR200T-22, HENRY HVR204, HENRY HVR204P, HENRY MICRO HVR200M, HENRY MICRO HVR200M-22, HENRY NNV200, HENRY NV200, HENRY NV225, HENRY NV250, HENRY NVR200, HENRY PLUS HVR200P, HENRY TURBO HVR200-T2, HENRY TURBO HVR200T, HENRY TURBO HVR200T-2, HENRY TURBOCARE HVR204T, HENRY XTRA HVX200, HENRY XTRA HVX200-22, HENRY XTRA HVX200A, HETTY HET200-22, HETTY HET200A, HV200, HZQ200, HZQ200-2, HZQ250, HZQ250-2, JAMES JVC225, JAMES JVH180, JAMES JVP180, JAMES JVP180A, JAMES VNP180, JOHN 150, JVR225, LEWIS 150, MFQ300, NNV204, NQS200, NQS200T, NQS250, NQS250-22, NQS250B, NQS250B-22, NRV200, NRV200-22, NRV200T, NSP180A, NSP200A, NSR200A, NST220A, NUVAC VNR200, NVH180, NVH200, NVP180, NVP180-2, NVP200, NVP200-2, NVP200-22, NVP370-2, NVQ200, NVQ200-22, NVQ200T, NVQ202, NVQ204, NVQ250, NVQ250B, NVQ250T, NVQ252, NVQ254, NVQ370T, NVQ370T-2, NVR200-22, NVR200T, NVR225, NVR260, PSP180A, PSP200A, PVR200A, PVT220A, RSAV-130, RSAV-200, RSV-200M, RSV130, RSV130M, RSV130P, RSV130T, RSV134, RSV200, RSV200P, RSV200T, RSV204, RSV204P

Replaces: NUMBAG1000, NVM-1CH, NVM-1B, NVM-1C, NVM-1C2, NVM1B, NVM1C, NVM1C2, NVM1B/1C, NVM 1C/2

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