Gaggenau Compatible 481147 Fridge Freezer Door Hinges (2 Pack)

SKU: DSP100/224

Fits: Gaggenau

Gaggenau Compatible 481147 Fridge Freezer Door Hinges (2 Pack) for select models of Gaggenau Fridge Freezers.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): IC19122001, IC191220/01 IC19122002, IC191220/02 IC19123003, IC191230/03 IC19123004, IC191230/04 IC19123005, IC191230/05 IC19123006, IC191230/06 IC19123007, IC191230/07 IC19123008, IC191230/08 IC19123031, IC191230/31 IC19123032, IC191230/32 IC191230NE03, IC191230NE/03 IC191230NE04, IC191230NE/04 IC191230NE05, IC191230NE/05 IC191230NE06, IC191230NE/06 IC191230NE31, IC191230NE/31 IC191230NE32, IC191230NE/32 IC19193001, IC191930/01 IC19193002, IC191930/02 IC19193003, IC191930/03 IC19293001, IC192930/01 IC19293002, IC192930/02 IC19293003, IC192930/03 IC19293004, IC192930/04 IC19293005, IC192930/05 IC20013002, IC200130/02 IC20013003, IC200130/03 IC20013004, IC200130/04 IC20013005, IC200130/05 IC20013031, IC200130/31 IG411109, GILGGC2/41 IG421110, GILGGF3/42 IK11412231, IK114122/31 IK411115, KIRGGL2/31 IK42212001, IK422120/01 IK426122, KIRGGT2/31 IK42722231, IK427222/31 IK42722232, IK427222/32 IK42722233, IK427222/33 IK431114, KILGGJ2/41 IK436120, KILGGR2/31 IK43712031, IK437120/31 IK43712032, IK437120/32 IK96112331, IK961123/31 IK96112332, IK961123/32 IK96112333, IK961123/33 IK96112631, IK961126/31 IK96112632, IK961126/32 IK96112633, IK961126/33 RB28020001, RB280200/01 RB28020101, RB280201/01 RB28030001, RB280300/01 RB28090001, RB280900/01 RC22020001, RC220200/01 RC22020002, RC220200/02 RC22210001, RC222100/01 RC22210002, RC222100/02 RC22210003, RC222100/03 RC22210004, RC222100/04 RC22210005, RC222100/05 RC22210006, RC222100/06 RC23116101, RC231161/01 RC23116102, RC231161/02 RC23116103, RC231161/03 RC24220001, RC242200/01 RC24220002, RC242200/02 RC24290001, RC242900/01 RT22020001, RT220200/01 RT22020101, RT220201/01 RT22210001, RT222100/01 RT22210002, RT222100/02 RT22210003, RT222100/03 RT22210004, RT222100/04 RT22210101, RT222101/01 RT23116101, RT231161/01 RT23116102, RT231161/02 RT23116103, RT231161/03 RT24220001, RT242200/01 RT28210001, RT282100/01 RT28210002, RT282100/02 RT28210101, RT282101/01

Replaces: 481147, 00481147

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