Fagor Compatible Tumble Dryer Vent Hose Connector

SKU: DSP400/914

Fits: Fagor

Fagor Compatible Tumble Dryer Vent Hose Connector for select models of Fagor Tumble Dryers.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): 1SF-6, 1SF-6C, 1SF-6CE, 1SF-6E, 1SF-70CB, 1SF-72CE, 1SF-80CB, 1SF-82CBE, 1SF-84CE, 1SF-84CELX, 1SF-84E, 1SF6E, 1SF70CB/A, 1SF70CB/AE, 1SF72CE/A, 1SF72CE/AE, 1SF80CB/A, 1SF82CBE/A, 1SF82CBE/B, 1SF84CE/A, 1SF84CE/B, 1SF84CELX/A, 1SF84CELX/C, 1SF84E/A, 1SF84E/B, 212AFOEEB, 212AFOEEC, 21CAFOEEA, 21CAFOFFA, 21EAFOEEA, 21EAFOFFA, 234AFOEEA, 234AFOEEB, 248AFOEEA, 24CAFOEEA, 24EAFOEEA, 24EAFOEEB, 27C1EDEEA, 2SF-6, 2SF-6C, 2SF-6CE, 2SF-6E, 2SF-80CB, 2SF-82CBE, 2SF6E, 2SF80CB/A, 2SF80CB/AE, 2SF82CBE/A, 2SF82CBE/AE, 3SF-6, 3SF-6C, 3SF-6CB, 3SF-6CE, 3SF-6E, 3SF6, 665CD, 6SF-84E, 6SF84E/A, 765CD, AIR409C, AIR431C, AIR434C, AIR670C, AIR674C, AIR675C, AIR676C, BDT561AL, BDT561AL01, BDT562AL, BDT562AY, BE10, BE10N, BFD581AT, BFD582AL, BFD811CE, BFD821CE, BFD921CE, BTCE45, BWD180TC, BWD180TL, BWD181T, BWD181TB, BWD191T, BWD191Y, BWD380TC, BWD380TL, BWD381T, BWD381TB, BWD385D, BWD391T, BWDARTS, BX9500D, D93, DBT46C, DC99, DFD1081CH, DFD1081WA, E1C0FOEEA, E1C0FOEEB, E1C0FOEEC, E4C3FOEEC, E4C3FOEEE, EFE110A, EFE110K, EFE115F, EFE118A, EFE310K, EFE330D, EFE330F, EFE500K, EFE505F, EFE710F, EFE710K, EFE711F, EFE730F, EFE730FB, EFE731F, EFE731FX, EFE732Z, EFE734D, EFE8115F, EFE8310F, EFE8310K, EFE8331F, EFE8333F, EFE8500F, EFE8500K, EFE8505F, EFE8710F, EFE8710K, EFE8711F, EFE8711K, EFE8731F, EFE8731FX, EFE8731K, EFE9711F, EFE9731F, ELC8008, ELV880, ETE100E, ETE101F, ETE103F, ETE121F, ETE122F, ETE311F, ETE331F, ETE351E, ETE352K, ETE353K, ETE361F, ETE363F, ETE364F, ETE501F, ETE503F, ETE504F, ETE521F, ETE525F, ETE6110K, ETE6116F, ETE6330F, ETE6336F, ETE6505F, ETE6506F, ETE6710F, ETE6710S, ETE6716F, ETE6730DE, ETE6730F, ETE6730K, ETE6736DE, ETE6736F, ETE6736K, ETE6836F, ETE701F, ETE731F, ETE751F, ETE753F, ETE754F, ETE755F, ETE761D, ETE761E, ETE761F, ETE762D, ETE762K, ETE763F, ETE763K, ETE764F, FSB-570C, FSB-5710C, FSB-582C, FSB570C/A, FSB5710C/A, FSB582C/A, FTD800W, FTD800W/A, SA18, SBCM1201, SC30, SC33, SDC21809, SE20, SE25, SEC35, SEC40, SEC60, SEC73, SEE70, SF-700CB, SF-70CB, SF-720CE, SF-72CBE, SF-80, SF-800, SF-800CB, SF-80CB, SF-820CE, SF-820CELX, SF-82CBE, SF-82CE, SF-830CE, SF-84CE, SF-84CELX, SF-84E, SF-84V, SF-84VLX, SF-920CE, SF-92CE, SF-930CELX, SF-94CE, SF680, SF700CB/A, SF700CB/B, SF70CB/A, SF720CE/A, SF72CBE/A, SF72CBE/B, SF800/A, SF800CB/A, SF800CB/B, SF80A, SF820CE/A, SF820CELX/A, SF82CBEA, SF82CBEB, SF82CBEC, SF82CE/A, SF830CE/A, SF84CEA, SF84CEB, SF84CEC, SF84EA, SF84EB, SF84V/A, SF84V/B, SF84V/C, SF84VLX/A, SF84VLX/C, SF920CE/A, SF92CE/A, SF930CELX/A, SF94CE/A, SFA-8CE, SFA-8CEX, SFC-72CBE, SFC72CBE/A, SFCH-09, SFCH-10, SFCH84CE, SFCH84CE/A, SFCH84CELX, SFCH84CELX/A, SFE 60 CB, SFE 60, SFE 62 CB, SFE 62C, SFE-820CE, SFE-820CELX, SFE-82AE, SFE-830CE, SFE-84V, SFE-920CE, SFE60, SFE60CB, SFE62C, SFE62CB, SFE820CE/A, SFE820CELX/A, SFE84V/A, SFE84V/B, SFE84V/C, SFE920CE, SFE920CE/A, SFF 62, SFF 62C, SFF-62, SFF62C, SFS-50, SFS-50C, SFS-50E, SFS-52CE, SFS-52E, SFS-54CE, SFS-5CF, SFS-5F, SFS-64CE, SGAT969, SKFD-138, SKFD138/A, SKFD831/A, SKFD831/B, SKFD8731/B, SKTD-136, SKTD-6710, SL45TCM, SLC2007, SM10, SM15, SM5, SMC20, SMC21, SMC23, SME13, SME20, SME23, SME25, SPORT-STC52, SR65/A, SRE-65, STCE08, TD69, TD98, TKT4550, TKT5345, TKT5351, TKT5352, TKT5353, TR40520, TTT5101D, TTT5101DA, TTT5101I, TTT6101I, TTT6101IA, VAP831E, VAP831F, VAP8831E, VAP8831F, VAP9831E, VAP9831F, VST1520, VST1610, VST240, VST6520, VST6610, ZEN-STC62

Measurements: 102mm

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