Electrolux Compatible Washing Machine Fill Hose Washer with Filter (2 Pack)

SKU: DSP400/755

Fits: Electrolux

Electrolux Compatible Washing Machine Fill Hose Washer with Filter (2 Pack) for select models of Electrolux Washing Machines.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): -KO3 1000, -KO3 1185TL, -KO31000, -KO31185TL, 0EW1232I, 1010, 1017, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1045, 1055, 1056TLROYAL, 1065, 1070, 1085TLROYAL, 1210, 410, 411, 414, 500, 502, 502S, 504, 506, 520, 521, 522, 525, 550, 551, 560, 561, 787.06/1, 86100W, 889_473, 889_474, 914517700, 914900253, 91494789794, ADE400E, AW1253, AW910F, AWF12180W, AWF1373, AWF1430, BIW103W, BW320, C53500, CAW, CAW1210, CMF616, COMBI2800, E168FW40, E772F402BI, E774F402BI, E776W402BI, E784F303BI, E786W303BI, EAL6240AOU, ED7500, EDC310M, EDC3150, EDC350E, EDC46100W, EDC46130W, EDC47130W, EDC504E, EDC506E, EDC509E, EDC521M, EDC5310, EDC5315, EDC531E, EDC5320, EDC5325, EDC532E, EDC5330, EDC541E, EDC542, EDC66130W, EDC67130W, EDE36130W, EDE36150W, EDE400E, EDE401E, EDE401M, EDE402M, EDE403M, EDE406M, EDE410M, EDE411M, EDE418M, EDE419M, EDE420E, EDE425M, EDE429E, EDE45100W, EDE5100, EDE5110, EDE5130, EDE5230, EDE561M, EDE562M, EDE565M, EDE571E, EDE572E, EDE6150W, EDV114, EFU361000P, EFU361200P, EFU361200PI, EHS36020-U, EIFLS20QSW, EK5361GR (PREMIER), EKM10460X, ELU EWF 1090 SU-UKR-, ELU GA60LI221K CH, ELV1286DG, EOA5641COX, EPDOMB (PREMIER), ESF234, ESF235, ESF235KING, ESF236, ESF237, ESF246KING, ESF45050SR, ESF45050WR, ESF45055WR, ESF45055XR, ESF46015WR, ESF46015XR, ESF47020WR, ESF47020XR, ESF488, ESF65062WR, ESF65062XR, ESF65063WR, ESF65064WR, ESF65065WR, ESF65065XR, ESF65066WR, ESF65067WR, ESF65068WR, ESF66070WR, ESF66070XR, ESF66080WR, ESF66080XR, ESF66085WR, ESF66085XR, ESF66088WR, ESF66088XR, ESF66814XR, ESF66860KR, ESF66860WR, ESF66860XR, ESF66861KR, ESF66861WR, ESF66861XR, ESF66870WR, ESF66870XR, ESF66873WR, ESF66873XR, ESF67060WR, ESF67060XR, ESF67070WR, ESF67070XR, ESF67071WR, ESF67071XR, ESF67075WR, ESF67075XR, ESF68070WR, ESF68070XR, ESI00000XRT, ESI1000XRT, ESI44500XR, ESI46500XR, ESI47500XR, ESI65060XR, ESI66060XR, ESI66064XR, ESI66065KR, ESI66065WR, ESI66065XR, ESI66075XR, ESI67040KR, ESI67040WR, ESI67040XR, ESI67070XR, ESI68070XR, ESL44500R, ESL46500R, ESL46510R, ESL47700R, ESL47710R, ESL48900R, ESL64030R, ESL64060R, ESL64085R, ESL65070R, ESL6550RO, ESL6551RO, ESL6552RA, ESL6601RA, ESL66060R, ESL66065R, ESL66075R, ESL6610RO, ESL67040R, ESL67070R, ESL68070R, ESL68071R, EW 1075F, EW 1085 F-W, EW 1090F-W, EW 1185 F-W, EW 1290F-W, EW 1380 F-W, EW 1385 F-W, EW 1585 F-W, EW 1685 F, EW ANNIVERSARY, EW1000F, EW1000I, EW1000W, EW1001, EW1001F, EW1002W, EW1003W, EW1005, EW1005F, EW1006F, EW1007F, EW1010F, EW1011K, EW1012W, EW1013I, EW1014I, EW1014T, EW1015F, EW1020F, EW1020T, EW1021F, EW1021T, EW1022T, EW1023F, EW1023T, EW1024F, EW1024T, EW1025F, EW1026F, EW1026T, EW1030F, EW1030W, EW1033F, EW1034F, EW1034W, EW1035F, EW1040T, EW1041T, EW1042S, EW1043S, EW1044S, EW1045T, EW1046K, EW1047K, EW1048K, EW1050F, EW1055F, EW1057F, EW1060C, EW1060F, EW1062S, EW1062W, EW1063S, EW1063W, EW1065F, EW1066F, EW1066T, EW1066W, EW1067F, EW1069F, EW1070C, EW1070W, EW1075F, EW1076T, EW1076T1, EW1077F, EW1078F, EW1079F, EW1080F, EW1085F, EW1085F-W, EW1085FW, EW1087F, EW1090F-W, EW1090FW, EW1097F, EW10W5, EW10W6, EW1100, EW1100F, EW1100T, EW1103T, EW1104F, EW1105F, EW1105T, EW1105T1, EW1110T, EW1110T1, EW1115W, EW1115Y, EW1120Y, EW1121Y, EW1130F, EW1131F, EW1132F, EW1133F, EW1134F, EW1140F, EW1144F, EW1157F, EW1162F, EW1165F, EW1170, EW1170C, EW1185F-W, EW1185FW, EW1200, EW1200F, EW1200I, EW1201F, EW1209I, EW1214T, EW1216X, EW1217XB, EW1218XK, EW1220F, EW1220N, EW1220T, EW1221F, EW1222F, EW1222T, EW1223F, EW1224F, EW1224I, EW1230F, EW1230I, EW1230T, EW1230W, EW1231F, EW1231I, EW1231T, EW1231W, EW1232F, EW1232I, EW1232W, EW1233I, EW1233T, EW1233W, EW1234W, EW1235F, EW1235T, EW1236T, EW1236W, EW1237T, EW1238T, EW1240K, EW1240K1, EW1240W, EW1244F, EW1246F, EW1246W, EW1247W, EW1248W, EW1250F, EW1250WI, EW1251F, EW1252F, EW1254F, EW1255F, EW1255W, EW1256F, EW1257F, EW1259W, EW1262, EW1262W, EW1265F, EW1266F, EW1266W, EW1267F, EW1269W, EW1270F, EW1272F, EW1275F, EW1276F, EW1277F, EW1278F, EW1279F, EW1280F, EW1287W, EW1288W, EW1289W, EW1290F-W, EW1290FW, EW1290W, EW1310F, EW1330T, EW1377F, EW1378F, EW1380FW, EW1385F-W, EW1385FW, EW1400F, EW1404F, EW1418I, EW1420F, EW1420N, EW1430F, EW1440F, EW1447W, EW1450F, EW1451W, EW1452F, EW1453F, EW1454F, EW1455W, EW1455WE, EW1456W, EW1457F, EW1465F, EW1470F, EW1475F, EW1476F, EW1477F, EW1478F, EW1480F, EW1490W, EW1500F, EW1522F, EW1545F, EW1546F, EW1547F, EW1548F, EW1550F, EW1551F, EW1552F, EW1555FE, EW1559WE, EW1585FW, EW1620N, EW1675F, EW1677F, EW1680F, EW1685F, EW2206F, EW2208F, EW2408F, EW2F0814BD, EW2F1284GF, EW2F1483SG, EW2F2027R1, EW2F2714PM, EW2F3047R3, EW2F3048R6, EW2F3067R4, EW2F3068R7, EW2F3168R5, EW2F4714DP, EW2F4722AB, EW2F4822AB, EW2F4822AF, EW2F4822BF, EW2F4843AF, EW2F5722AF, EW2F6712BS, EW2F6713BB, EW2F6714EW, EW2F6715ES, EW2F67204F, EW2F67204K, EW2F67205N, EW2F6811BS, EW2F6812WI, EW2F6813ES, EW2F6814SS, EW2F68202N, EW2F68204F, EW2F68205N, EW2F68214EU, EW2F6824BA, EW2F68404X, EW2F7711WW, EW2F7714BA, EW2F7810ED, EW2F7814EW, EW2T5061E, EW2T5261E, EW2T570U, EW2W3047E1, EW400F, EW401F, EW402F, EW402F60, EW500F, EW501F, EW501T, EW502F, EW503S, EW504S, EW505F, EW505T, EW506S, EW507F, EW508F, EW509S, EW510F, EW511F, EW512S, EW513S, EW513T, EW514S, EW515T, EW521F, EW523T, EW523T2, EW524F, EW524T, EW524T1, EW524T2, EW525T, EW526S, EW526T, EW527F, EW541, EW541F, EW542F, EW543F, EW547F, EW548F, EW550F, EW555T, EW557F, EW558F, EW559F, EW560F, EW567, EW5T7622ID, EW600F, EW602F, EW605F, EW606F, EW610F, EW611F, EW612F, EW622F, EW622K, EW625T, EW626T, EW635T, EW642F, EW643F, EW645F, EW647F, EW648F, EW650F, EW658F, EW659F, EW660F, EW670F, EW6F1474W, EW6F1483BB, EW6F1484D, EW6F1493D, EW6F1495RB, EW6F1496RD, EW6F3112RA, EW6F314S, EW6F328W, EW6F328WC, EW6F328WP, EW6F328WU, EW6F328WUP, EW6F341S, EW6F348SA, EW6F349S, EW6F349SC, EW6F3811RA, EW6F382W, EW6F3844BB, EW6F3844FQ, EW6F384WQ, EW6F3854RG, EW6F38EU, EW6F38EX, EW6F38KT, EW6F38MW, EW6F38UN, EW6F3910RA, EW6F3915RD, EW6F394S, EW6F394WQ, EW6F3R28WU, EW6F3R41S, EW6F408WU, EW6F408WUP, EW6F4111RA, EW6F4123EB, EW6F412B, 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