Electrolux Compatible Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cold Water Fill Hose - 2.5m

SKU: DSP400/802

Fits: Electrolux

Electrolux Compatible Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cold Water Fill Hose - 2.5m for select models of Electrolux Washing Machines and Dishwashers.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): -KO3 1000, -KO3 1185TL, -KO31000, -KO31185TL, 0EW1232I, 1010, 1017, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1045, 1055, 1056TLROYAL, 1065, 1070, 1085TLROYAL, 1210, 1800, 410, 411, 414, 450TE, 4630 911 3701-25, 500, 5010EU (859960014552), 5010EU, 502, 502S, 504, 506, 520, 521, 522, 525, 550, 551, 560, 561, 65, 7463813/10759, 787.06/1, 813, 816B, 816W, 86100W, 889473, 889474, 889_473, 889_473, 889_474, 889_474, 91136503802, 91151619501, 914517700, 914900253, 91494789794, ADE400E, ASD1020, ASD1040, ASD1060, ASD1210, ASD1220, ASD1260, ASD6020, ASD640, ASD660, ASF 6263, ASF245, ASF610, ASF6262, ASF6285, ASF641, AW1253, AW910F, AWF12180W, AWF1373, AWF1430, BD45, BD46, BD47, BE11, BE12, BE12A, BE19, BE22, BE22A, BIW103W, BK111D, BK111W, BW296, BW298, BW298-3, BW299, BW2991, BW299W, BW300, BW300-1, BW300-2, BW301, BW301-B4, BW301-W4, BW301B, BW301W, BW301W4, BW305, BW305-BI, BW305W1, BW306, BW306-3, BW310, BW310-1, BW310-2, BW3100, BW310ROYAL, BW311, BW311-1, BW311-2, BW311G, BW311G2, BW311W, BW311W2, BW312, BW312-B3, BW312-W3, BW312B3, BW312W3, BW320, BW320, BW3200, BW3200FD, BW320W, BW322, BW325, BW325E, BW330, BW330-1, BW330-2, BW330-3, BW330/2, BW330I, BW330ROYAL, BW330U, BW333, BW333-B2, BW333-W2, BW340, BW400, BW405, BW406, BW407, BW409, BW410, BW411, BW420, BW425, BW430, BW432, BW433, BW450, BW450-2, BW450-3, BW4502, BW4503, BW4510, BW4510-2, BW45102, BW4520, BW545, BW5450, BW600, BW600-2, BW6002, BW622, C53500, CAW, CAW1210, CDW200, CMF616, COMBI2800, COMPAKT45N, CSF5200LOW, CSF5500LOW, CSF5500LOX, DA6142, DA6153, DC4017, DC4018, DC4019, DC4020, DC4408, DC4409, DCS11, DCS12W, DCS14W, DCS380W, DCS382W, DE930, DH041, DH806, DW125W, DW400, DW80W, DWN 51, DWN51, DWN51BX, DX303SK, DX303SL, DX303WK, DX303WL, E1000, E1200, E168FW40, E24ID74QPS0A, E24ID74QPS1A, E24ID74QPS3A, E24ID74QPS4A, E24ID75SPS0A, E24ID75SPS1A, E24ID75SPS2A, E63010, E772F402BI, E774F402BI, E776W402BI, E784F303BI, E786W303BI, EAL6240AOU, EASY ALU, EASY, EASYALU, EAW100W, EB SL6 CN V, EB SL6 CN, EB SL6 SN V, EB SL6 SN, EB SL6 SNV, EB SL60 CN V, EB SL60 CN, EB SL60 SN V, EB SL60 SN, EBK SL6 CN V, EBK SL6 CN, EBK SL6 SN V, EC1000, EC1200, EC600, ECD22, ECD22B, ECD22BR, ECD22W, ECD22WS, ED7500, EDA22110L, EDC310M, EDC3150, EDC350E, EDC46100W, EDC46130W, EDC47130W, EDC504E, EDC506E, EDC509E, EDC521M, EDC5310, EDC5315, EDC531E, EDC5320, EDC5325, EDC532E, EDC5330, EDC541E, EDC542, EDC66130W, EDC67130W, EDE36130W, EDE36150W, EDE400E, EDE401E, EDE401M, EDE402M, EDE403M, EDE406M, EDE410M, EDE411M, EDE418M, EDE419M, EDE420E, EDE425M, EDE429E, EDE45100W, EDE5100, EDE5110, EDE5130, EDE5230, EDE561M, EDE562M, EDE565M, EDE571E, EDE572E, EDE6150W, EDM23101L, EDM43210L, EDQ47200L, EDV114, EEA17100L, EEA22100L, EEA27200L, EEA27210L, EEA627201L, EEA727200L, EEA922101L, EEA927201L, EEC67300L, EEC67305L, EEC767305L, EEC87300L, EEC87305L, EEG47300L, EEG48200L, EEG48300L, EEG62300L, EEG62310L, EEG67310L, EEG67320L, EEG69300L, EEG69320L, EEG69330L, EEG7000, EEG70001, EEG8000, EEM23100L, EEM28200L, EEM43200L, EEM43201L, EEM43211L, EEM48210L, EEM48221L, EEM48300L, EEM48320L, EEM48321L, EEM48330L, EEM48331L, EEM62310L, EEM63300L, EEM63301L, EEM63310L, EEM64320L, EEM648310L, EEM66331L, EEM72310L, EEM74320L, EEM923100L, EEM96330L, EEQ42200L, EEQ43100L, EEQ47200L, EEQ47203L, EEQ47210L, EEQ47215L, EEQ47225L, EEQ47300L, EEQ47305L, EEQ67300L, EEQ843100L, EEQ942200L, EEQ947200L, EES27100L, EES42210L, EES47300L, EES47310L, EES47311L, EES47320L, EES47325L, EES48200L, EES48300L, EES67100L, EES69300L, EES69310L, EES848200L, EES948300L, EEZ67300L, EEZ69300L, EEZ69310L, EEZ9000, EFI602W, EFU361000P, EFU361200P, EFU361200PI, EHS36020-U, EI24CD35RS2A, EI24CD35RS3A, EI24ID30QB0A, EI24ID30QB0B, EI24ID30QB3B, EI24ID30QS0A, EI24ID30QS0B, EI24ID30QS3B, EI24ID30QW0A, EI24ID30QW0B, EI24ID30QW3B, EI24ID50QS0A, EI24ID50QS0B, EI24ID50QS1B, EI24ID50QS4B, EI24ID50QS5B, EI24ID81SS0A, EI24ID81SS2A, EI24ID81SS3A, EIFLS20QSW, EK5361GR (PREMIER), EKM10460X, ELECTROLUX ESL5325LO, ELECTROLUX RSL4200LO, ELU ESF6800ROX EHTRR, ELU ESI6160K CH, ELU ESL4200LA D, ELU EWF 1090 SU-UKR-, ELU GA60LI221K CH, ELU GA60LI221K CH, ELU8320RA, ELV1286DG, EMA22130L, EMG48200L, EMM23102L, EMM43202L, EMS27100L, EMS47320L, EN3450AOW, EOA5641COX, EOA5641COX, EPDOMB (PREMIER), ER9530I, ERG3313AOW, ERX3214AOX, ES662, ESD631, ESD633-BD/A, ESD633-D, ESD633-W, ESD633-WD/A, ESD691B, ESD691W, ESF 6220-W, ESF 6220W, ESF 6221, ESF 6223W, ESF 6225W, ESF 6227W, ESF 6230W, ESF 6231W, ESF 6235-W, ESF 6235W, ESF 6236, ESF 6238W, ESF 6240K, ESF 6240W, ESF 6240X, ESF 6241-W, ESF 6242W, ESF 6245, ESF 6245W, ESF 6247 X, ESF 6247, ESF 6248-W, ESF 6248W, ESF 6250W, ESF 6260W, ESF 6261W, ESF 630 -W, ESF 630, ESF 630-W, ESF 631W, ESF 640-W, ESF 641 W, ESF 641W, ESF 642 -W, ESF 645 W, ESF 646 W, ESF 656 W, ESF 656W, ESF 657 W, ESF 657W, ESF 661 K, ESF 661 W, ESF 662, ESF 662W, ESF 666 W, ESF 666 X, ESF 667 W, ESF 667W, ESF 667X, ESF 676 W, ESF 687 W, ESF211, ESF213, ESF218, ESF219, ESF2200DW, ESF2210DK, ESF2210DW, ESF222, ESF222-1, ESF2300DW, ESF2300OH, ESF2300OK, ESF2300OS, ESF2300OW, ESF231, ESF232, ESF233, ESF234, ESF234, ESF235 CH, ESF235 CH, ESF235, ESF235, ESF235KING SILVER, ESF235KING, ESF235KING, ESF236, ESF236, ESF237 ELON, ESF237 ELON, ESF237, ESF237, ESF241, ESF2410, ESF242, ESF2420 C, ESF2420, ESF2420S, ESF2420SSILVER, ESF243, ESF2430S, ESF2430W P, E, ESF2430W, ESF2435 S, ESF2435, ESF2435S, ESF2435U, ESF244, ESF2440 E, ESF2440 EJ AVH HONGK, ESF2440 S, ESF2440, ESF2440S, ESF245, ESF2450S EUR, ESF2450S, ESF2450W, ESF246 KING, ESF246, ESF246KING SILVER, ESF246KING, ESF246KING, ESF3621LOW, ESF3621LOX, ESF3651LOW, ESF3651LOX, ESF4100, ESF4101, ESF4110, ESF4120, ESF4121, ESF4126, ESF4127, ESF4129, ESF4130, ESF4131, ESF4132, ESF4142, ESF4150, ESF4151, ESF4153, ESF4159, ESF4160, ESF4200LOW, ESF4202LOW, ESF43005W, ESF43010, ESF43011, ESF43020, ESF4500LOW, ESF4500ROS, ESF4500ROW, ESF45010, ESF45010S, ESF45010X, ESF45011, ESF45012, ESF45012S, ESF45030W, ESF45030X, ESF45050SR, ESF45050SR, ESF45050WR, ESF45050WR, 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Measurements: 2.5m

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