Electrolux Compatible Tumble Dryer Vent Hose Connector

SKU: DSP400/860

Fits: Electrolux

Electrolux Compatible Tumble Dryer Vent Hose Connector for select models of Electrolux Tumble Dryers.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): 77150W, ADC312E, ADC47130W, ADC523M, ADE400E, ADE77550W, BG411, BG411/1, Bg441, CMK23RLE, DC3600EWL, DC4600HPWL, DC4600HPWR, DWD1012, E128HT40, ED506E, ED7364HPD, ED7500, EDC 525E ALPHA SOFT, EDC 525E ALPHA SOFT, EDC 525M ALPHA-SOFT, EDC 535E ALPHA SOFT, EDC 535E ALPHA SOFT, EDC 5375 CH, EDC 541E, EDC 542E, EDC 560 E CH, EDC 565 E, EDC 595 E, EDC1072LDW, EDC2075GDW, EDC2084PSW, EDC2085POW, EDC2086GDW, EDC2086GLW, EDC2086GW3, EDC2086PDE, EDC2086PDW, EDC2086PEW, EDC2087GEW, EDC2088GDW, EDC2089POE, EDC2089POW, EDC2096GDW, EDC2096GEW, EDC2096GYW, EDC2096GZW, EDC2188GDB, EDC2289GDD, EDC310M, EDC3150, EDC3250, EDC350E, EDC37100W, EDC46100W, EDC46130W, EDC47100W, EDC47105W, EDC47107W, EDC47130W, EDC503M, EDC504E, EDC504M, EDC505E, EDC506E, EDC509E, EDC510E, EDC521M, EDC522M, EDC522M916110113, EDC522M916110119, EDC525E, EDC525M, EDC5305, EDC5310, EDC5315, EDC531E, EDC5320, EDC5322, EDC5325, EDC5327, EDC5328, EDC532E, EDC532E916110216, EDC5330, EDC5335, EDC5339, EDC5340, EDC5345, EDC5349, EDC5355, EDC535E, EDC5365, EDC5366, EDC5367, EDC5368-W, EDC5369, EDC536E, EDC5370, EDC5371, EDC5372, EDC5376, EDC541E, EDC542, EDC542E, EDC5470, EDC550E, EDC560ECH, EDC565E, EDC595E, EDC66130W, EDC66150W, EDC66550W, EDC67130W, EDC67150W, EDC67550W, EDC67555W, EDC67558W TC5 7K, EDC67558W, EDC68555W, EDC68556W, EDC68558W, EDC77150W, EDC77550W, EDC77555W, EDC77557W, EDC77570W, EDC775710, EDC78550W, EDC78555W, EDD210 RH, EDE 565M ALPHA SOFT, EDE 565M ALPHA-SOFT, EDE 572E ALPHA SOFT, EDE 572E, EDE 575E ALPHA SOFT, EDE1070PDW, EDE1071PDW, EDE1072PDW, EDE1074PDW, EDE36130W, EDE36150W, EDE37100W, EDE400E, EDE400M, EDE401E, EDE401M, EDE402M, EDE403M, EDE405M, EDE406M, EDE410M, EDE411M, EDE418M, EDE419M, EDE420E, EDE421E, EDE425M, EDE429E, EDE45100W, EDE47100W, EDE47130W, EDE5100, EDE5110, EDE5130, EDE5230, EDE5300, EDE5310, EDE5330, EDE5335, EDE5340, EDE5355, EDE5360, EDE5361, EDE56140W, EDE56150W, EDE56160W, EDE561M, EDE562F, EDE562M, EDE562M916111101, EDE562M916111108, EDE562ME, EDE565M, EDE57150W, EDE57160W, EDE571E, EDE572E, EDE572E916111211, EDE572E916111217, EDE572ECH, EDE572ED-NL-B-IL, EDE572EE, EDE572EF, EDE575E, EDE575F, EDE580 E, EDE580E, EDE6150W, EDE67550W, EDE77550W, EDH13386GW, EDH13487RW, EDH13488GC, EDH2800, EDH2820, EDH3284PDW, EDH3284PGW, EDH3386GDW, EDH3386GGW, EDH3386GYW, EDH3386GZW, EDH3386PDW, EDH3386PDWT, EDH3386PGW, EDH3386PJW, EDH3386PYW, EDH3487RDE, EDH3487RDW, EDH3487RW3, EDH3488GDE, EDH3488GOW, EDH3497RDE, EDH3497RDW, EDH3497RNE, EDH3497RW3, EDH3497TDW, EDH3498RDE, EDH3498RDL, EDH3498RL3, EDH3573PSS, EDH3584PBW, EDH3586GDW, EDH3586TNW, EDH3673PDS, EDH3674PDE, EDH3674PDW, EDH3674PW3, EDH3675PDW, EDH3676GDW, EDH3676GW3, EDH3676TDW, EDH3682PSS, EDH3683POE, EDH3683POW, EDH3684PDE, EDH3684PDW, EDH3684PHW, EDH3684POW, EDH3684PW3, EDH3685GDW, EDH3685PDW, EDH3685PZW, EDH3685TDW, EDH3686GDE, EDH3686GDW, EDH3686GNE, EDH3686GZW, EDH3687GDW, EDH3776GDE, EDH3786GBE, EDH3786GDE, EDH3786GDW, EDH3786GSE, EDH3786GZE, EDH3787GKW, EDH3787GSE, EDH3788GGE, EDH3789GME, EDH3796GDE, EDH3796PDE, EDH3798GDE, EDH3883PUE, EDH3885GFE, EDH3886GDE, EDH3886PW3, EDH3887GDE, EDH3887GNE, EDH3887PDE, EDH3888GKW, EDH3889GME, EDH3896GDE, EDH3896GDW, EDH3897GDE, EDH3897SDE, EDH3897SDW, EDH3897SW3, EDH3898SDE, EDH3899GFE, EDH3985TDE, EDH3986WW, EDH3987GDW, EDH3987GW3, EDH3988TDE, EDH3988TDW, EDH3988TPW, EDH3989TBW, EDH3989TDW, EDH3989TNW, EDH3989TPW, EDH4074GOW, EDH4084GOW, EDH6370, EDH8000W, EDH8000W1, EDH8000W2, EDH9000W, EDH9000W1, EDH9000W2, EDH9000W3, EDH97941W, EDH97950W ENV-HP 7KG, EDH97950W, EDH97951W, EDH97957W, EDH97960W, EDH97961W, EDH97980W, EDH97981W, EDH98981W, EDHG68531DW, EDHP48521DW, EDHP68531DW, EDHR79541DW, EDI96150W, EDI97150W, EDI97170W, EDP12074PDW, EDP2074GDW, EDP2074GW3, EDP2074PDW, EDP2074PEW, EDP2074PFW, EDP2074PIW, EDP2074PMW, EDP2074PZW, EDP2075GDW, EDP7000W, EDP7000W2, EDPP47401DW, EIED200QSW, EIED2CAQSW, ELU EDE67550W TC5/EN, ELU EDI96150W TC2CRM, ELU EDI96150W, ELU EDI97170W 7K/B -, ELU ESF6800ROX EHTRR, ELU EW8HE92B4 DIAM T, ER3016C, ESF65064WR, ESF65066WR, ESF65068WR, ESF6555ROX, ESF6560Rex, ESF6600ROW, ESF66080WR, ESF66085WR, ESF66085XR, ESF66861WR, ESF66873XR, ESF6720ROW, ESI65060XR, ESI6550ROK, ESI6550ROX, ESI6600RAX, ESI66065XR, ESL65027R, ESL6551RO, ESL66075R, ESLCHRONO, EW1000T, EW1000T2, EW1000W, EW1012W, EW1020F, EW1024T, EW1043S, EW1048K, EW1050F, EW1063W, EW1070W, EW1110T1, EW1162F, EW1221F, EW1230W, EW1231W, EW1255W, EW1270F, EW1272F, EW1470F, EW2C327R1, EW2C337R2, EW2H328R2, EW2H328R3, EW559F, EW6C274PZ, EW6C4086CB, EW6C4089DD, EW6C4123CH, EW6C427B1, EW6C427P2, EW6C428B2, EW6C428W, EW6C4723SC, EW6C4735SC, EW6C4753CB, EW6C4824CB, EW6C4824SC, EW6C4826CB, EW6C4853SC, EW6C527G2, EW6C527P, EW6C528P5, EW6C5722CB, EW6C5724CB, EW6C5822CB, EW6C5852CB, EW7H3252SP, EW7H3351SP, EW7H3685RA, EW7H428P1, EW7H428R2, EW7H437P, EW7H437PC, EW7H438B, EW7H438BC, EW7H438BP, EW7H448Q2, EW7H448T3, EW7H4801SC, EW7H4802SC, EW7H4803SC, EW7H4804DP, EW7H4810RA, EW7H4820SP, EW7H4854IB, EW7H527S1, EW7H528G4, EW7H528P7, EW7H528P8, EW7H528S3, EW7H548G3, EW7H548P6, EW7H558B5, EW7H5822EB, EW7H5824EB, EW7H5825EB, EW7H5825IB, EW7H582W, EW7H5842EB, EW7H5844EB, EW7H648R5, EW7H6812SC, EW7H6824RB, EW7H6832PP, EW7H6843PP, EW7HE92ST, EW7HL81B4, EW7HL81W4, EW7HL82W4, EW7HL83B5, EW7HL83W5, EW859F, EW869F, EW879F, EW8H258B, EW8H258S, EW8H259SCT, EW8H259SPT, EW8H259ST, EW8H2924RA, EW8H292G, EW8H2966IR, EW8H357S, EW8H358S, EW8H358SC, EW8H358SP, EW8H359S, EW8H3823RA, EW8H3841SP, EW8H3864IB, EW8H428R3, EW8H458B, EW8H458BC, EW8H458BP, EW8H458WP, EW8H4812SC, EW8H4821RA, EW8H4822RA, EW8H4823SC, EW8H4830SP, EW8H4840SP, EW8H4845SC, EW8H484P, EW8H4851IB, EW8H4864IB, EW8H492W, EW8H4964IB, EW8H528P7, EW8H528S2, EW8H5349PS, EW8H538F4, EW8H5759SD, EW8H5824GB, EW8H5825IB, EW8H5842GB, EW8H5844GB, EW8H628N1, EW8H648G7, EW8H658B8, EW8H659N2, EW8H668B3, EW8H768P8, EW8H868B4, EW8HE88S3, EW8HE92B4, EW8HEU92S, EW8HK72W4, EW8HK82S3, EW8HL72W4, EW8HL82W3, EW8HL82W5P, EW8HL9200, EW8HL92B4, EW8HL92ST, EW8HM72W4, 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Measurements: 102mm

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