Electrolux 9001684621 Vacuum S-Bag Classic - Pack of 5

SKU: DSP400/281

Fits: Electrolux

Electrolux 9001684621 Vacuum S-Bag Classic - Pack of 5 for select models of Electrolux Vacuums.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): 2253XXL Ergospace, 2271XXL Ergospace, 4510 GUANA RED, CLARIO Z1931, SP6985A, XXL00 Ergospace, XXL10 Ergospace, XXL19 Ergospace, XXL20 Ergospace, XXL21 Ergospace, XXL23 Ergospace, XXL34 Ergospace, XXL34B Ergospace, XXL34R Ergospace, XXL40 Ergospace, XXL42 Ergospace, XXL50C Ergospace, XXL50D Ergospace, XXL51 Ergospace, XXL53 Ergospace, XXL59 Ergospace, XXL60 Ergospace, XXL61 Ergospace, XXL62 Ergospace, XXL63 Ergospace, XXL71 Ergospace, XXL72 Ergospace, XXL73 Ergospace, XXL95 Ergospace, XXLMARSU Ergospace, Z 5210 CARR.BLUE, Z 5245 GRAPHIT GREY, Z 5634 DUO CLEAN, Z 5642 ANIMAL LOVER, Z1910, Z1915 Clario, Z1915M WHEAT YELLOW, Z1920, Z1925 Clario, Z1925M Clario, Z1925M PIST.GREEN, Z1930, Z1931 Clario, Z1931, Z1935 Clario, Z1935 EURO GREEN, Z1935 M SKY BLUE, Z1935 SKY BLUE, Z1935M Clario, Z1940, Z1941 Clario, Z1942 Clario, Z1943 Clario, Z1943 LADY BIRD RED, Z1943 LADY BIRD, Z1943 LADYBIRD RED, Z1943 M RUBY RED, Z1943, Z1943M Clario, Z1943MN Clario, Z1944 Clario, Z1945 Clario, Z1948 Clario, Z1948 M PETROL BLUE, Z1948, Z1948M Clario, Z1955 M PETROL BLUE, Z1955, Z1955M, Z2010 Clario, Z2010, Z2012, Z2013, Z2015 Clario, Z2015, Z2018 Clario, Z2018, Z2020 Clario, Z2020, Z2020HP Clario, Z2022 Clario, Z2022, Z2025, Z2030 Clario, Z2030, Z2030T, Z2035 Clario, Z2035, Z2035T, Z2036 Clario, Z2036, Z2036F, Z2038 Clario, Z2039 Clario, Z2040 Clario, Z2045 Clario, Z2048 Clario, Z2050 Clario, Z3300, Z3306 Ultra Silencer, Z3310, Z3320, Z3322 Ultra Silencer, Z3322, Z3323 Ultra Silencer, Z3324 Ultra Silencer, Z3327 Ultra Silencer, Z3328 Ultra Silencer, Z3328, Z3329 Ultra Silencer, Z3330, Z3332 Ultra Silencer, Z3335 Ultra Silencer, Z3335P Ultra Silencer, Z3340, Z3341 Ultra Silencer, Z3342, Z3343, Z3344, Z3345, Z3347 Ultra Silencer, Z3347, Z3349, Z3350, Z3353, Z3354, Z3355 Ultra Silencer, Z3356 Ultra Silencer, Z3357 Ultra Silencer, Z3358 UK, Z3358 Ultra Silencer, Z3358, Z3360 Ultra Silencer, Z3361, Z3362 Ultra Silencer, Z3380 Ultra Silencer, Z3381 Ultra Silencer, Z3382 Ultra Silencer, Z3383 Ultra Silencer, Z3395 Ultra Silencer, Z4500 Bolido, Z4510 Bolido, Z4595 Bolido, Z5010 Excellio, Z5010, Z5020, Z5025, Z5028 Excellio, Z5028, Z5030, Z5035, Z5040 Excellio, Z5041 Excellio, Z5045 Excellio, Z5045, Z5048 Excellio, Z5110 Excellio, Z5120 Excellio, Z5125 Excellio, Z5130 Excellio, Z5140 Excellio, Z5145 Excellio, Z5148 Excellio, Z5210, Z5211 CARR.BLUE, Z5220 Excellio, Z5225 Excellio, Z5228 Excellio, Z5229 Excellio, Z5230 Excellio, Z5240 Excellio, Z5245 Excellio, Z5248 Excellio, Z5505 Oxygen, Z5510 Oxygen, Z5510 WHEAT YELLOW, Z5510, Z5510M WHEAT YELLOW, Z5515 Oxygen, Z5520 Oxygen, Z5520 PIST GREEN, Z5520, Z5520M PIST. GREEN, Z5525 Oxygen, Z5525 TRANSPARANT, Z5525 TRANSPARENT, Z5525, Z5525M TRANSPARENT, Z5528 Oxygen, Z5529 Oxygen, Z5529M SILK RED, Z5529M, Z5530 RUBY RED, Z5530 Oxygen, Z5530, Z5530M RUBY RED, Z5535 Oxygen, Z5540 Oxygen, Z5540 SKY BLUE, Z5540, Z5540M SKY BLUE, Z5542 Oxygen, Z5550 Oxygen, Z5550, Z5551 PETROL BLUE, Z5551 Oxygen, Z5551M PETROL BLUE, Z5554 TYS SILKSILVER, Z5554, Z5560A SCARAB GREEN, Z5560M SCARAB GREEN, Z5561 SCARABE GREEN, Z5561 Oxygen, Z5561M SCARAB GREEN, Z5610 Oxygen, Z5610, Z5620 Oxygen, Z5620, Z5621, Z5622 Oxygen, Z5622, Z5623 Oxygen, Z5623, Z5624, Z5626 Oxygen, Z5626, Z5628 Oxygen, Z5628, Z5631 Oxygen, Z5631A, Z5632 Oxygen, Z5632, Z5634 Oxygen, Z5634, Z5635 Oxygen, Z5635, Z5636, Z5637, Z5639, Z5640, Z5642, Z5650, Z5652, Z5654, Z5660 Oxygen, Z5660, Z5900 Oxygen, Z5935, Z5936, Z5995 Oxygen, Z6200 Mondo Plus, Z6201 Mondo Plus, Z6985A, Z7320 Oxygen+, Z7399 Oxygen+, Z7510 Clario, Z7549 Clario, ZAM6100 AirMax, ZAM6101 AirMax, ZAM6102 AirMax, ZAM6106, ZAM6107, ZAM6108 AirMax, ZAM6109 AirMax, ZE2200 Ergospace, ZE2210 Ergospace, ZE2210, ZE2220 Ergospace, ZE2220, ZE2221 Ergospace, ZE2234 Ergospace, ZE2240 Ergospace, ZE2253 Ergospace, ZE2261 Ergospace, ZE2263 Ergospace, ZE2269 Ergospace, ZE2271 Ergospace, ZE2272 Ergospace, ZE2277 Ergospace, ZE2277I, ZE2299 Ergospace, ZO6300 Oxy3system, ZO6330, ZO6352, ZO6399 Oxy3system, ZV1010 Viva Control, ZV1020 Viva Control, ZV1050 Viva Control, ZVQ2100 Viva Quickstop, ZVQ2103 Viva Quickstop

Replaces: 117647586, 117947085, 117947507, 117947556, 117947564, 117947572, 117947580, 117947606, 117947614, 117947952, 117947960, 117947978, 119139541, 119139558, 119139566, 119139608, 119139616, 119147585, 119147627, 119162006, 119162014, 119162634, 4055117610, 53190082007, 9000843020, 9000843038, 9000843046, 9000844804, 9000844812, 9001953588, 9092880203, 9092880302, 9092880542, 9092880559

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