Electrolux 9001677682 Vacuum Cleaner Washable HEPA Filter (EFS1W)

SKU: DSP400/396

Fits: Electrolux

Electrolux 9001677682 Vacuum Cleaner Washable HEPA Filter (EFS1W) for select models of Electrolux Vacuums.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): AO7320, AO7335, EL7062A, EL7083ASG, EUSC62-DB, OSZ7320, PD91-6ST, PD91-8SSM VACUUM CLE, PD91-8SSM, PD91-ALRG2, PD91-ANIMA, PD91-GREEN, UCALLFLOOR, UCANIMAL, UCDELUXE, UCORIGIN, ULO20, USALLFLOOR, USANIMAL, USDELUXE, USDELUXE61, USREMOTE, Z1955M PETROL BLUE, Z2020 Clario, Z2020HP Clario, Z2040 Clario, Z2045 Clario, Z2050 Clario, Z3323 Ultra Silencer, Z3323, Z3325, Z3332, Z3347, Z3352B, Z3356 Ultra Silencer, Z3356, Z3358 UK, Z3361, Z3370, Z3374, Z3377, Z3378, Z5245 GRAPHIT GREY, Z5530M RUBY RED, Z5540M SKY BLUE, Z5551M PETROL BLUE, Z5560M SCARAB GREEN, Z5561M SCARAB GREEN, Z5628 Oxygen, Z5631 EB, Z5631 Oxygen, Z5631A, Z5631B, Z5631C, Z5631G, Z5635 Oxygen, Z5636 Oxygen, Z5637 Oxygen, Z5639 Oxygen, Z5640 Oxygen, Z5650 Oxygen, Z5652 Oxygen, Z5654 Oxygen, Z5660 Oxygen, Z5805, Z5810 T, Z5810T, Z5900 Oxygen, Z5910, Z5910C, Z5915, Z5915C, Z5915CT, Z5920, Z5923, Z5925, Z5930, Z5935, Z5937, Z5938, Z5939, Z5940, Z5942, Z5942CT, Z5950, Z5952, Z5954, Z5960, Z5995 Oxygen, Z7320 Oxygen+, Z7320, Z7321 CH, Z7321 Oxygen+, Z7321, Z7322, Z7323 Oxygen+, Z7323, Z7325, Z7328 Oxygen+, Z7328, Z7329, Z7330, Z7331, Z7335, Z7344, Z7350 Oxygen+, Z7350, Z8810, Z8810BP, Z8810P, Z8810W, Z8811, Z8815, Z8820, Z8820B, Z8820P, Z8820R, Z8820WP, Z8821, Z8821P, Z8821PT, Z8821W, Z8822, Z8822GP, Z8822R, Z8824CSP, Z8824P, Z8825CBP, Z8825P, Z8830CST, Z8830PSK, Z8830PT, Z8830T, Z8840, Z8840B, Z8841, Z8850, Z8850CP, Z8850P, Z8851, Z8852, Z8860C, Z8860CB, Z8860CS, Z8860T, Z8861, Z8870, Z8870C, Z8870P, Z8871, Z8871P, ZCX6412, ZCX6422, ZE2277I, ZG8800, ZO6318, ZO6344, ZO6345 Oxy3system, ZO6345, ZUA3860, ZUC4101AF, ZUC4102ANC, ZUC4102PET, ZUC4103DEL, ZUF4303OR, ZUF4306DEL, ZUO9928P, ZUOG9929, ZUS3388, ZUS3390T, ZUS3940P, ZUS3950P, ZUS3960, ZUS3960PT, ZUS3962, ZUS3964, ZUS3970, ZUS3970P, ZUS3980P, ZUS3985SB, ZUS3990, ZUS4065AF, ZUSDELUX58, ZUSG3900, ZUSG3901

Replaces: 9001677682, 1130032038, 1130032012, 2193435019, 1130684010, 1130684028, 1130915075, 9001951202, 4055125621, 1130232018, 4055126348, 9001690586, 1131300038, 1131300046

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