Electrolux 8078744037 Freezer Lower Drawer Assembly

SKU: DSP400/197

Fits: Electrolux

Electrolux 8078744037 Freezer Lower Drawer Assembly for select models of Electrolux Fridge Freezers.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): EN13201JW, EN13445JX, EN13451JOW, EN13455MX, EN13601JW, EN13601JX, EN13601MW, EN13601MX, EN3011JOX, EN3200JHW, EN3200MHW, EN3201JOW, EN3201JOX, EN3201MOW, EN3201MOX, EN3202JHW, EN3209MFW, EN3209MFX, EN3211MOX, EN3214JOW, EN3214JOX, EN3240JOW, EN3241JOW, EN3241JOX, EN3350MOX, EN3350POX, EN3380MOX, EN3390MOW, EN3390MOX, EN3391MOW, EN3391MOX, EN3441JOW, EN3441JOX, EN3441JYW, EN3449JFW, EN3450NKX, EN3451JOW R BOTTOM F, EN3451JOW, EN3451JOX, EN3452JOX, EN3453MOW, EN3453MOX, EN3453OOW, EN3453OOX, EN3454MFW, EN3454MFX, EN3454NOW, EN3454NOX, EN3454POX, EN3455MFX, EN3458MFX, EN3501MHW, EN3600KOW, EN3601JOW, EN3601JOX, EN3601MOW, EN3601MOX, EN3602MOW, EN3602MOX, EN3603OOW, EN3609MFW, EN3611MKX, EN3611OOW, EN3611OOX, EN3613JOX, EN3613MOW R BOTTOM F, EN3613MOW, EN3613MOX R BOTTOM F, EN3613MOX, EN3615MOW, EN3616JOW, EN3616JOX, EN3617MOW R BOTTOM F, EN3617MOW, EN3617MOX, EN3617MOX2, EN3618MFX, EN3700MFX, EN3750MOX, EN3750POX, EN3790MFW, EN3790MFX, EN3790MKX, EN3790MOW, EN3790MOX, EN3791MKX, EN3791MOW, EN3791MOX, EN3850NKX, EN3851JOW, EN3851JOX, EN3853MOW, EN3853MOX, EN3853OOW, EN3853OOX, EN3854MFX, EN3854POX, EN3855MFX, EN3858MFW, EN3858MFX, EN3885MOX, EN3886MFX, EN3889MFW, EN3889MFX, EN3900MHW, EN4015MOW, EN7000W1, EN8000W1, EN8000W2, EN8000X1, EN8000X2, EN9000W1, EN9000X, EN93601JW, EN93601JX, EN93852JW, EN93852JX, EN93852KW, EN93852KX, EN93853MW, ENT3LE31W5, ENT3LE31X4, ENT3LE34W5, ENT3LF31W1, ENT3LF31W3, ENT3LF31X1, ENT5NF33W4, KNT3LE31W2, KNT3LE34W3, KNT3LF31W2, KNT3LF34W1, KNT4TF33W2, LNC5TE34X2, LNC6FE34X2, LNT3LE31W1, LNT3LE31X1, LNT3LE34W2, LNT3LE34X1, LNT3LE34X2, LNT3LF34W3, LNT4TE33W2, LNT4TE33X2, LNT5NF33W3, LNT5NF33X3, RN3451MOW, RN3451MOX, RN3453MOW, RN3453MOX, RN3454NOW, RN3602MOW, RN3602MOX, RN3611OOX, RN3613MOW, RN3613MOX, RN3851MOX, RN3853MOW, RN3853MOX, RN3854NOX, RN3854POX

Replaces: 8078744037, 8078744011

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