Electrolux 3531939225 Roasting Tray

SKU: DSP200/099

Fits: Electrolux

Electrolux 3531939225 Roasting Tray for select models of Electrolux ovens.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): EEC2400BOK, EEC2400BOX, EEC2400EOX, EKB101W, EKB101X, EKC60001W, EKC60005W, EKC60007W, EKC60007X, EKC6001, EKC6005, EKC60050, EKC60050X, EKC60055, EKC601300W, EKC601300X, EKC601301W, EKC601301X, EKC601501W, EKC601501X, EKC601503W, EKC601503X, EKC6025, EKC6025X, EKC60350, EKC603504W, EKC603505W, EKC603505X, EKC60351, EKC60353, EKC60353X, EKC605302S, EKC607700W, EKC607702W, EKD60005W, EKD60008W, EKD60008X, EKD600500W, EKD600500X, EKD60050OW, EKD603500W, EKD603500X, EKD603501W, EKD603501X, EKD603502X, EKD607702W, EKD607702X, EKD607752W, EKD607752X, EKD607753W, EKD607753X, EKE60007W, EKE6005, EKG600102W, EKG60011, EKG60011X, EKG601101W, EKG601101X, EKG601104X, EKG60111, EKG601301W, EKG6013X, EKG603101W, EKG603101X, EKG603102W, EKG603102X, EKG603300W, EKG603300X, EKG603301W, EKG603301X, EKG603302W, EKG603302X, EKG603303W, EKG6700X, EKK600100W, EKK6003, EKK6005, EKK601300W, EKK601301W, EKK601301X, EKK601302X, EKK601303W, EKK601303X, EKK601304W, EKK601304X, EKK601305X, EKK60330, EKK603300W, EKK603301X, EKK603302X, EKK60331, EKK60331X, EKK603500X, EKK603502W, EKK603502X, EKK603503X, EKK603504W, EKK603504X, EKK603505W, EKK603505X, EKK603506X, EKK603507X, EKM600300W, EKM600301W, EKM60032, EKM601100W, EKM601101W, EKM601300W, EKM601300X, EKM601301W, EKM601301X, EKM60332, EKM60350, EKM603500W, EKM603500X, EKM603501W, EKM603501X, EKM606700W, EKM607701W, EKM607703W, EKM6717X, EOA2402AAX, EOA2402CAX, EOB2100COX, EOB301W, EOB301X, EOC3400CAX, EOC3400DAX, EOQ2400BOX, EOQ3400DOX, EZA2400AAX, EZA2400AOX, EZA2400CAX, EZA2420AOK, EZA2420AOW, EZA2420AOX, EZA5420AOK, EZA5420AOW, EZA5420AOX, EZB2400AAX, EZB2400AOX, EZB3400AOX, EZB3410AOK, EZB3410AOW, EZB3410AOX, EZB3430AOK, EZB3430AOX, EZB52410AK, EZB52410AW, EZB52410AX, EZB52430AX, EZB53400AX, EZB53410AK, EZB53410AW, EZB53410AX, EZB53430AB, EZB53430AK, EZB53430AW, EZB53430AX, EZB5430ANX, EZB55420AK, EZB55420AW, EZC2400AAX, EZC2400BCK, EZC2400BCW, EZC2400BCX, EZC2430AOX, EZC2430EOT, EZC2430EOX, EZC2510ACX, EZC3400AOK, EZC3400AOX, EZC3400DOX, EZC52430AX, EZF5C50Z, EZF5E40X, FEH60G2100, FEH60G3100, FEH60P2100, FHH6885GK, OEEB4330K, OEEB4330W, OEEB4330X, OEF5E50X, OEF5E50Z, OPEA4300X, OPEB4230X, RZB2100AON, RZB2100AOR, RZB2100AOX, RZB3400AOX, RZP2400BCX, RZP2401BCX

Replaces: 3531939225, 353193922/5

Measurements: 422 x 370 x 33mm

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