Electrolux 140064006053 Oven Shelf

SKU: DSP200/038

Fits: Electrolux

Electrolux 140064006053 Oven Shelf for select models of Electrolux ovens.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): EEA3440BOK, EEA3440BOX, EEB4230PAX, EEB4230POX, EEC6610DOX, EKC5651AOW, EKC5651AOX, EKC603600K, EKC603600W, EKC603601X, EKC603602X, EKC607601W, EKC607601X, EKC6150AOW, EKC6150AOX, EKC6430AOW, EKC6430AOX, EKC6450AOW, EKC6450AOX, EKC6450BOX, EKC6450COS, EKC6461AEW, EKC6461AOK, EKC6461AOW, EKC6461AOX, EKC6562AOX, EKC6670AOW, EKC6761AOX, EKC6762AOW, EKC96150AW, EKC96150AX, EKC96430AW, EKC96430AX, EKC96450AW, EKC96450AX, EKF6772AOW, EKF6772AOX, EKG603202, EKG603202K, EKG603202W, EKG603202X, EKI6450AOX, EKI6451AOX, EKI6761AEW, EKI6762AOX, EKI6770AOW, EKI6770AOX, EKI6770BOW, EKI6770BOX, EKI6770COW, EKI6770COX, EKI6770DOX, EKI6771AOW, EKI6771AOX, EKI6771COW, EKI6771COX, EKI6771DOX, EKI6779AOX, EKI96450AX, EKI96770DX, EKK6130AOW, EKK6130AOX, EKK6450AOW, EKK6450AOX, EKK96450AW, EKK96450AX, EKM6130BOX, EKM6450AOX, EKM6770AOW, EKM6770BOX, EKS6030AOW, EOA03400OX, EOA3400AAX, EOA3400AOX, EOA3404AAX, EOA3404AOX, EOA3460AOK, EOA3460AOW, EOA3460AOX, EOA43400OX, EOA53420BN, EOA5400AOK, EOA5400AOW, EOA5450DAK, EOA75450OK, EOA75450OX, EOA93400AX, EOB2200BAX, EOB2200COX, EOB2300AAX, EOB2400AOX, EOB2400AOZ, EOB2430AOX, EOB3301AOX, EOB3400AAX, EOB3400AOK, EOB3400AOW, EOB3400AOX, EOB3400BAX, EOB3400BOR, EOB3400BOX, EOB3400CAK, EOB3400CAX, EOB3400DOX, EOB3400EAX, EOB3430CAX, EOB3430COW, EOB3430COX, EOB43400OX, EOB53400BN, EOB6400ASX, EOB6401ASX, EOB6420EXP, EOB93301AX, EOB93400BX, EOB93401BX, EOB93402AX, EOB93420AX, EOC2420AOX, EOC2420BAX, EOG2102AOK, EOG2102AOX, EOG91402AX, EOG92102CX, F43GXE, FEH60G2101, FEH60G2102, FEH60G3101, FEH60G3102, FEH60P2101, FEH60P2102, FHH6886-GK, FHH6887-GK, FQ203BEV, FQ203IXEV, FQ203NEV, FQ63BE, FQ63NE, FQ63XE, FQ73BEV, FQ73IXEV, FQ73NEV, FQ73NSEV, FQ751XEV, FQ75XEV, FQ93NEV, FQ93NSEV, FQV73XEV, FQV741XEV, FR63BA, FR63G, FR63R, FR63S, FR63X, FR65BA, FR65G, FR65R, FR65S, FR65X, FS63X, FS65X, FS73XE, OPEB4330B, OPEB4330V, ROB2210AOX, ROB3200AON, ROB3200AOR, ROB3201AON, ROB3201AOR, ROB3444AOX, ROB6440AOX

Replaces: 140064006053, 3878861115, 3879949018, 5613550010, 5614258019

Measurements: 466 X 385mm

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