Daewoo Compatible 3517203600 Microwave Glass Turntable - 255mm

SKU: DSP100/481

Fits: Daewoo

Daewoo Compatible 3517203600 Microwave Glass Turntable - 255mm for select models of Daewoo Microwaves.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): DMR602, DMR604, DMR612, DMR613, DMR662, DMR663, DMR664, DMR703, DMR704, EW66MW, GMX320GMSL, GMX707, GMX717, GT77, GT77M, GT78, Gm66, KOC-3605, KOC-366T, KOC-63F7, KOC842P, KOC8H4T, KOC8H4T7R, KOC8H4T7S, KOG-36052S, KOG-36152S, KOG-36252S, KOG-36352S, KOG-36452S, KOG-3667OS, KOG-366T0S, KOG-370, KOG-370-1, KOG-3705-1, KOG-37050S, KOG-370A0S, KOG-37D7, KOG-37D70S, KOG-37D79S, KOG-37DP0S, KOG-37F70S, KOG-37F79S, KOG-37FP0S, KOG366, KOG3667EU010, KOG3685, KOG36852S, KOG36C52S, KOG370A0S, KOG3715A, KOG372GH, KOG373R0S, KOG3747, KOG37470S, KOG374R, KOG374R0S, KOG37570S, KOG3767, KOG376T, KOG37A5, KOG37A5OS, KOG37D7, KOG37D70S, KOG37D7A, KOG37D7BL, KOG37D7BLA, KOG37DP0S, KOG37Y59S, KOG37Y5G, KOG38852S, KOG38C52S, KOG3905, KOG39050S, KOG3C6R, KOG3Q67, KOG57470S, KOG574R0S, KOG57570S, KOG575R0S, KOG6215, KOG63NR5S, KOG6C07, KOG6C1B, KOG6C1B5S, KOG6C27, KOG6C275S, KOG6C2BSL, KOG6C37, KOG6C47, KOG6C4R, KOG6C67, KOG6C675S, KOG6D07, KOG6D07SL, KOG8H5T, KOR 63 FBSL, KOR-61052S, KOR-616T2S, KOR-630A0A, KOR-630A0A/1A, KOR-630A0S, KOR-630A1A, KOR-630A9A, KOR-633V0S, KOR-634R0S, KOR-637V0S, KOR-638R, KOR-638ROS, KOR-63D70S, KOR-63D79S, KOR-63DB0S, KOR-63DB9S, KOR-63F70S, KOR-63FB0S, KOR-63FB9S, KOR-63RA0S, KOR-63U50S, KOR-63V50S, KOR-63W50S, KOR-63X505, KOR-63Y50S, KOR-6L15SL, KOR1825, KOR2000A, KOR3000SL, KOR30A, KOR4115, KOR4125, KOR6005, KOR6025, KOR602M, KOR602R, KOR6035, KOR61052S, KOR6112, KOR611Q, KOR612R, KOR6135, KOR6167M, KOR618Q0A, KOR61A50S, KOR61APGR, KOR6267, KOR63050P, KOR63050S, KOR6305M, KOR630ABL, KOR630ASL, KOR631R, KOR634R, KOR634RSL, KOR6367, KOR6367M, KOR637FSL, KOR637V, KOR638R, KOR638RDSL, KOR63A5SL, KOR63BG0A, KOR63CS8A18, KOR63D70S, KOR63D79S, KOR63D7A, KOR63D7G, KOR63DBA, KOR63F7A, KOR63M5A, KOR63MC3S, KOR63MC5S, KOR63MD, KOR63MDCSL, KOR63N75S, KOR63NR, KOR63NR5S, KOR63RA, KOR63X50S, KOR63Y5, KOR63Y50S, KOR63Y56, KOR63Y59S, KOR63Y5G, KOR6485, KOR6595, KOR6605, KOR68CD7, KOR68CD7SL, KOR6967M, KOR6C075S, KOR6C1B5S, KOR6C27, KOR6C275S, KOR6C27M, KOR6C27SL, KOR6C2B, KOR6C2B5S, KOR6C67, KOR6D07, KOR6D07BL, KOR6D07SL, KOR6L, KOR6L05, KOR6L05SL, KOR6N9R5S, KOR6NFB3S, KOR6NFB5S, KOR6Q175S, KOR6Q1B5S, KOR6Q275S, KOR6Q375S, KOR6Q4R5S, KOR6Q67, KOR6Q6R, KOR6Q8G5S, KOR6Q8GSL, KOR6QA7, KOR6QA75S, KOR6QBB5S, KOR7035, KOR7177, KOR717TA, KOR7465, KOR7565, KOR8045, KOR812R, KOR816T0P, KOR81A50S, KOR81A52S, KOR81B5, KOR8605, KOR86050N, KOR86050P, KOR8667, KOR8A07, KOR8A0R, KOR8A0R5S, KOT630A, KQG6C475S, KQG6C575S, KQG8A4R, Kog3605, Kog3667, Kog366t, Kog3705, Kog370a, Kog37f7, Kog37fp, Kog574r, Kor2000, Kor2605, Kor3000, Kor6105, Kor610p, Kor6115, Kor611m, Kor6167, Kor616t, Kor616tm, Kor616tn, Kor61a5, Kor61a52s, Kor61a5wh, Kor61ap, Kor61ap/Gr, Kor6205, Kor6206, Kor6305, Kor6307, Kor630a, Kor630a/Bl, Kor630a/Sl, Kor6327, Kor633v, Kor6347, Kor6347r, Kor636t, Kor6375, Kor638rbk, Kor638rsl, Kor63a5, Kor63a5wh, Kor63d7, Kor63d79f, Kor63db, Kor63f7, Kor63f7sl, Kor63f8, Kor63fb, Kor63fbsl, Kor63mc, Kor63mcsl, Kor63s7, Kor63x5, Kor63x51, Kor6495, Kor6a35wh, Kor81a5, M1515, M4000e, MCB780W, MCM660A, MG3000, MX707, MX707A, MX708, MX717TC, MX718TC, MX775TC, MX778TC, MX779TC, MX780, MX812TCG, NNE201, NNE201W, NNE251W, NNE251WBBPQ, NNK101W, NNK151, SM11, SM12, SM12GR, SM12WH, SM18, ST22, ST23, ST23W

Replaces: 3517203600, 3517203610

Measurements: Diameter: 255mm

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