Candy Compatible Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cold Water Fill Hose - 2.5m

SKU: DSP400/798

Fits: Candy

Candy Compatible Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cold Water Fill Hose - 2.5m for select models of Candy Washing Machines and Dishwashers.

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Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): 055 EXPERT, 057 EXPERT, 059X EXPERT, 1-VERSION (A0000358), 10/5I, 100/PLUS, 1000, 1000, 1000DF/1-66 (31003994), 1000DF/1-66, 1000ES, 1007XT, 1008ES, 1009ES, 100ES, 100PL, 100TR, 1014ES, 101ES, 101P, 101XTR, 1040, 1042T, 1044T, 105, 105AC, 1068E, 106P, 106X, 106X, 108AC, 1091AC, 109ACRFR, 10ES, 111061, 112011, 113071, 1200, 120021, 1204XT, 1206XT, 120TR, 1214ES, 121XTR, 1244XT, 125 C1125, 1250, 1260, 1262T, 126P, 128AC, 1291AC, 12ACT, 12ES, 130011, 130X, 130XC (F), 131061, 132, 133 CE, 135, 1369XT, 137C, 137CX, 140031, 140X, 143, 143071, 143X (CE), 143X, 143XC, 150X, 15W (UK), 160031, 161061, 180X (CE), 181, 183I, 188/1GER, 18D, 18TB, 18WD, 190X, 1VERSION, 2-VERSION (A0000359), 2-VERSION, 2.45, 2.46, 2.48, 2.56T, 2.57TX, 2.60, 2.67TPX, 266X, 27WD, 28, 28WD, 2VERSION, 31000583, 31001980, 31002473, 31002729, 31004779, 31106644, 31800043, 31800088, 31800090, 31800105, 31800123, 31800127, 35A (CE/UK), 35A, 35ATB, 35ATB(CE/UK), 39, 419, 420, 422, 430, 431, 433, 435, 435XTR, 439T, 445XT, 459XT, 461XT, 462XT, 485, 487XT, 495, 4D480X, 4D482X, 4D486X, 5+5ALISE1201 (31000606), 5+5ALISE1201, 5102X, 5103XT, 5130XT, 5140XT, 520T, 530DL, 532, 536, 537T, 550, 55ALISE1201, 572, 581X, 6000, 6050, 6051, 60TR, 61, 610B, 615, 615T, 615XT, 620T, 624T, 627T, 629T, 634, 635XT, 635XTR, 636, 637XT, 640 (CE), 640 (UK), 640A (NORD), 640B (NORD), 640C (F), 640TB (NORD), 644, 648XT, 650 50/60Hz, 650, 650, 650A (NORD), 650B (NORD), 650D (D), 650EXCLUSIVE, 650TB, 650X (I), 651D, 651EXCLUSIVE, 651TB, 655, 658XT, 65M, 65W, 664, 66SL, 690, 691TB, 694, 6T, 73A UK, 73A, 73ATB UK, 73ATB, 800 LS (000), 800 LS (101), 800, 800, 800XT, 801, 804, 805, 8050, 8051 (CE), 8051, 8056 (CE), 808E (UK), 80P, 80X, 812E, 813T, 820T, 824T, 825X, 835XTR, 836, 843XT, 844, 844XT, 845, 846XT, 849T, 850, 85AC, 868E, 869XT, 86P, 870, 8CI, 900ES, 905, 90PL, 951, 9525A, 9525A, 9530W, 9530W, 95AC, 977 EXPERT, 9934W, 9934W, A LI3 1300 E (31800041), A LSI3 1300EVR01 (31800038), A10 (UK), A10, A10W (UK), A27, A30, A30WD, A47/A47S, A48S, A5001 ITA, A5001, A5001/1, A5001/1AUS, A5001/1ITA, A61M, A61TB, A65 (CE/UK), A65TB, A65TB(CE/UK), A67, A67X, A69, A69TB, A71, A71TB, A74 (UK), A75 (UK), A76, A76/1, A76/1UK, A76/2, A76AUS, A76UK, A8, A800, A8000 (UK), A8000, A8001 (UK), A8001 ITA, A8001/1, A8001/1ITA, A8001/1UK, A8001N, A8800, A9001N, A9002, A9004, A9007SMART, A9010SMART, AAA160PL, AAA977, AB10, AB110011, AB1987, AB30, AB8, AB90011, ABCDV160SY, ABCIV145E, AC10M, AC10N, AC10W, AC121 01, AC16, AC18 (UK), AC18 (UK), AC18, AC18UK, AC20, AC20, AC30M, AC30N, AC30W, AC61M, AC61N, AC61W, AC66, AC66M (UK), AC66NE, AC66TB (UK), AC66TB, ACS100 SY, ACS100, ACS100.6SY, ACS1006SY, ACS100SY, ACS101, ACS1040, ACS1040SY, ACS106, ACS120, ACS130 UK, ACS130, ACS130.6SY, ACS1306SY, ACS130CE SY, ACS130CESY, ACS130P, ACS130SY, ACS130UK, ACS132, ACS136, ACS160 NL, ACS160, ACS160NL, ACS160P DE, ACS160P FI, ACS160P NL, ACS160P SY, ACS160PDE, ACS160PFI, ACS160PNL, ACS160PSY, ACS441182D1/2-07 (31009700), ACS65SY, ACS80, ACS80.6SY, ACS806SY, ACS80SY, ACS840, ACS840SY, ACS86, ACSP130, ACSS41052D1/2-07 (31009703), ACSS41072D1/2-07 (31009702), ACT SMART 13 (31105117), ACT SMART 13, ACT109ACRS, ACT109ACRS, ACT109ECLYP, ACT109ECLYP., ACT129, ACT129, ACT129ACRSI, ACT129ACRSI, ACT840ACRS, ACT840ACRS, ACTIVA 100 PLUS, ACTIVA 105AC, ACTIVA 109AC, ACTIVA 128AC, ACTIVA 129AC, ACTIVA 80 PLUS, ACTIVA 80, ACTIVA 95AC, ACTIVA 99, ACTIVA SMART 13, ACTIVA, ACTIVA100, ACTIVA100P, ACTIVA100P/D, ACTIVA100PD, ACTIVA100PL, ACTIVA100PLUS, ACTIVA101, ACTIVA101, ACTIVA101P, ACTIVA102P, ACTIVA105AC, ACTIVA105AC, ACTIVA106, ACTIVA106P, ACTIVA108AC, ACTIVA1091AC, ACTIVA109AC, ACTIVA109ACR, ACTIVA12, ACTIVA121, ACTIVA121, ACTIVA125AC, ACTIVA125AC, ACTIVA126P, ACTIVA126PLUS, ACTIVA128AC, ACTIVA1291AC, ACTIVA129AC, ACTIVA129ACF, ACTIVA129ACR, ACTIVA129ACR, ACTIVA129ACRS, ACTIVA129ACRUK, ACTIVA129C, ACTIVA50, ACTIVA51, ACTIVA60, ACTIVA61, ACTIVA64SLIM, ACTIVA66SL, ACTIVA66SL., ACTIVA6CI, ACTIVA740, ACTIVA79R, ACTIVA79RSY, ACTIVA79RSY, ACTIVA80 PLUS, ACTIVA80P, ACTIVA80PLUS

Measurements: 2.5m

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