Candy 97922819 Washing Machine Drain Pump

SKU: DSP400/255

Fits: Candy

Candy 97922819 Washing Machine Drain Pump for select models of Candy Washing Machines.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): ACS100 SY, ACS100, ACS101, ACS1040, ACS1040SY, ACS106, ACS120, ACS130 UK, ACS130, ACS130CE SY, ACS130SY, ACS130UK, ACS132, ACS136, ACS160 NL, ACS160, ACS160NL, ACS65SY, ACS80, ACS80SY, ACS840, ACS840SY, ACS86, ALCB106TR-04, ALCB1355-86S (31000828), ALCL126-47, ALISECB103T, ALISECB103TR, ALISECB123TR, ALISECB133TR, ALISECB8.44, ALISECB83TR, ALISECBL1355, AM1042S H/C, AQ100TR, AQ120/1TUK, AQ1201TUK, AQ130 WD, AQ130/1T-80 (31000754), AQ130/1T-80, AQ130/1TUK, AQ1301TUK, AQ130WD, AQC101TR, AQC102TR, AQUAVIVA110T, AQUAVIVA120T, AQUAVIVA125T, AQUAVIVA130T, AQUAVIVA141T, AUTOS.120TR, AUTOS.130TR, AUTOS130TR, C 514-80/1 (31001478), C514-80/1, C514801, CA106TR, CA66TR, CA861TR, CA86TR, CB1023TR B, CB1024T, CB102TR, CB1033TR Y, CB103TR, CB1043TR M, CB1043TR, CB1053TR, CB106TR, CB1213TR EXP, CB1224T, CB123TR, CB412XT, CB414, CB42T, CB42TR, CB43XTR, CB43XTRSY, CB50AT, CB51XAT, CB52T, CB53XTR, CB60AT, CB612XT, CB613TR, CB61XAT, CB623XTR HC, CB62T, CB62TR, CB633XTR, CB634XT, CB63TES, CB63TR, CB63XTR, CB66TR, CB66TRSY, CB73TR, CB74TR, CB813TR, CB823TR, CB824T, CB82T, CB82TR, CB833XTR, CB83T, CB83TR, CB85TR, CB86TR, CB86TRSY, CB96TR SY, CBD101.75, CBD101.75S AU (31000736), CBD10175, CBD110, CBD130, CBD150, CBD150FR, CBD156, CBD156-47, CBD15647, CBD166-14, CBD166-84 (31000768), CBD166-84, CBD16614, CBD16684, CBE1025T, CBE1025TS5, CBE1225T, CBE130TV47, CBE1425T SY, CBE1425T, CBE165T, CBE165T-80 (31000675), CBE75TR, CBE825T, CBE825TS5, CBE87, CBE88, CBL100 PL, CBL100 SY, CBL100, CBL100.6 SY, CBL1055, CBL106ES, CBL120 SY, CBL120, CBL130 SY, CBL130, CBL132, CBL140DE, CBL146UK, CBL160DE, CBL160NL EX, CBL160NLEX, CBL160P-14, CBL160P14, CBL160PDE, CBL160PSY, CBL160SY, CBL160UK, CBL166-14, CBL16614, CBL166UK, CBL65.6SY, CBL75.6SY, CBL76ES, CBL85 SY, CBL85, CBL85.6SY, CBL863ES, CBL864ES, CBL86ES, CBL90, CBL96ES MIRO, CDN130TR, CDN140TR, CE450, CG1054.3T, CG1054T, CG1254T, CG414, CG424T, CG434, CG444XT, CG463, CG473, CG484XT HC, CG544T, CG554T, CG623T, CG644.3T, CG644T, CG654XT, CG854.3T, CG854T, CGA814R, CGAQ665XT, CHIARA552TR, CHIARA553AT, CHIARA642XTR, CHIARA652XTR, CHIARA742SET, CHIARA762TR, CHIARA772ETR, CJ413, CJ423T, CJ433T, CJ443XT, CJ453XT, CJ463, CJ464, CJ473, CJ473T, CJ514, CJ534AT, CJ543T, CJ613XT, CJ643T, CJA52T, CJE813, CL2 087-85, CL2 107-01 S (31001170), CL2 127-80, CL2 127/1-36, CL2 127/1-36S (31001173), CL2 147-01S (31001169), CL2 147-01S, CL2087-85S (31001178), CL208785, CL2107-01S, CL210701S, CL2127-36S (31001016), CL2127-36S, CL2127-80 (31000936), CL2127136, CL212736S, CL212780, CL214701S, CLD 135-01 (31000932), CLD 135-86S (31000955), CLD135-86S, CLD13586S, CM1 126-80 (31000940), CM1 126-80, CM1 146-80 (31001357), CM1 146S-80 (31001376), CM1 166-80 (31001356), CM1 612-80 (31001045), CM1 612J-80 (31001044), CM112680, CM1146-80, CM114680, CM1146S-80, CM1146S80, CM1166-80, CM116680, CM146TXT-14M (31000913), CM146TXT-14M, CM146TXT14M, CM1612-80, CM161280, CM1612J, CM166HTXT, CM166HTXT-36 (31001008), CM166TXT-84, CM166TXT-84S (31000864), CM166TXT-86, CM166TXT-86S (31000957), CM166TXT84, CM166TXT86, CM2 136/1-47 (31001469), CM2 146-14, CM2 146-47 (31000854), CM2 146-47 (31000854), CM2 146-47 (31001471), CM2 146-47, CM2 156-47 (31000850), CM2 156-47, CM2 166-14, CM2 166-84 (31000865), CM2 166-84, CM2 166-86, CM2 166-86S (31000956), CM2136-47, CM213647, CM2146-14 (31000911), CM2146-47, CM214614, CM214647, CM215647, CM2166-14 (31000912), CM216614, CM216684, CM216686, CMD 136-80 (31000939), CMD 136-86S (31001403), CMD 136/1-80 (31001504), CMD 146-80 (31000938), CMD 146S-80 (31001374), CMD 166-80 (31000937), CMD 166A-39S (31001520), CMD136-80, CMD136-86, CMD13680, CMD13686, CMD146-80, CMD14680, CMD146S, CMD166-80, CMD16680, CMD166A-39, CMD166A39, CN105T, CN116TUK, CN120TUK, CN126T-80 (31000755), CN126T-80, CN126TUK, CN136T-80 (31000753), CN136T-80, CN136TUK, CN146T-80 (31000608), CN146T80, CN150TUK, CN166, CN166T-40S (31000644), CN166T-80 (31000610), CN166T40S, CN166T80, CN40T, CN43, CN44, CN50T, CN55AT, CN60T, CN63T, CN63TCKD, CN65AT, CNA 127-80 (31001207), CNA 166-80 (31001059), CNA127-80, CNA12780, CNA135-80, CNA156-80 (31000835), CNA156-80, CNA15680, CNA166, CNE100TV, CNE101T, CNE103T-04S, CNE108T, CNE109T, CNE110TV47, CNE128T, CNE128TV-01S, CNE138T, CNE148T, CNE148TSY, CNE165T, CNE165T-84 (31000767), CNE169TV, CNE169TV-83S (31000788), CNE78T, CNE85TS, CNE85TV, CNE88T, CNE88TV47, CNE89T, CNV 256-80 (31000686), CNV 256-80 (31000686), CNV 256-80 (31000792), CNV256-80, CNV25680, CNW136T, CNW136T-80 (31000609), CNW156T, CNW156T-80 (31000607), CNWD 136-80 (31001215), CNWD 146-80 (31001214), CNWD136, CNWD146, CSB440XTR, CSB51XAT, CSB640XTR, CSB840XTR, CSBE640TR, CSBE740TR, CSBE840TS5, CSBL100 SY, CSBL100, CSBL75 SY, CSBL75, CSBL85 SY, CSBL85, CSG424T, CSG624T, CSN52AT, CWD 126-47 (31000915), CWD 146-47 (31000914), CWD126, CWD126-47, CWD146-47, CWD14647, D.QUICK120TR, D.QUICK130TR, D.QUICK131, DBQ151, DQ130 UK, DQW150 UK, DQW150UK, ENERGACB735, EXCL.S641XTR, EXCLUS.751TR, EXCLUS451XTR, HNF6107-85, HNF610785, HOLID.1001TL, HOLIDAY1000, HOLIDAY1000T, HOLIDAY161, HOLIDAY181, HOLIDAY181E, HOLIDAY181M, HOLIDAY185, HOLIDAY61, HOLIDAY800, HOLIDAY800TL, HOLIDAY801TL, HOLIDAY81, KITCB83TR, LB ACS130 UK (37616968), LB ACS130 UK, LB CBD 150FR, LB CBD156-47 (31000590), LB CBD15647, LB CBL140 DE (37616810), LB CBL146 UK (31000505), LB CBL160 DE (37616828), LB CBL160 DE, LB CBL160 SY (37616869), LB CBL160 SY, LB CBL166 UK (31000504), LB CN116T UK (31000495), LB CN120T UK (31000376), LB CN126T UK (31000501), LB CN136T UK (31000503), LB CN150T UK (31000502), LB DBQ 151 (31000105), LBACS160CESY, LBACS160DE, LBACS160NL, LBACTSM14DEN (37616919), LBACTSM15DEN (37616893), LBAQ120/1TUK (31000476), LBAQ130/1TUK (31000475), LBAUSE13TRUK (37616414), LBAUSE13TRUK, LBCBD166-14 (31000579), LBCBD16614, LBCBL 160 UK (31000270), LBCBL160NLEX (37616877), LBCBL160NLEX, LBCBL160P DE (31000361), LBCBL160P SY (31000362), LBCBL160P-14 (31000581), LBCBL166-14 (31000580), LBCDN130TRUK (37616638), LBCDN130TRUK, LBCDN140TRUK (37616646), LBCDN140TRUK, LBSPR100TR UK, LBSPR100TRUK (37616372), LBSPR110TR UK, LBSPR110TRUK (37616380), LBSPR120TR UK, LBSPR120TRUK (37616398), LBWDDQ150UK (37616554), LBWDDQ150UK, M.ALISE1000, MAF1675, MILOGIC1041, MYLOGIC1041A, MYLOGIC741, MYLOGIC841AC, SEL.732ETR, SEL.743SETR, SEL.S643XTR, SELEC.431XTR, SELEC.631XTR, SELECTA731TR, SLIMMYCB62XT, SLIMMYCB82XT, SMART14DE NK, SMART14DENK, SMART15DE NK, SMART15DENK, SMART16, SPRINT100TR, SPRINT101TR, SPRINT110TR, SPRINT120TR, WD AQW130 UK (37616562), WD AQW130 UK, WDAL CBL1055 (31000494)

Replaces: 97922819

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