Candy 49028930 Washing Machine Carbon Brush - Pack of 2

SKU: DSP400/154

Fits: Candy

Candy 49028930 Washing Machine Carbon Brush - Pack of 2 for select models of Candy Washing Machines. Please note: This part is for Hoover Made Motor Only! They will not work in other motor types, please check your appliance before ordering.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): 109ACRFR, 2VERSION, ACS130 UK, ACT109ACRS, ACT109ECLYP, ACT109ECLYP., ACT129ACRSI, ACT840ACRS, ACTIVA1091AC, ACTIVA109ACR, ACTIVA1291AC, ACTIVA129ACF, ACTIVA129ACR, ACTIVA740, ACTIVA79R, ACTIVA840ACR, ACTIVA85AC, ACTIVA89ACR, ACTIVA89ACRS, ACTIVA99, ACTIVA99R, ACTIVAML12, ALISECB103T, ALISECB103TR, ALISECB123TR, ALISECB133TR, ALISECB83TR, AM1042S H/C, AQ100TR, AQ120/1TUK, AQ1201TUK, AQ130 WD, AQ130/1TUK, AQ1301TUK, AQUAV.CE101, AUTOS.120TR, AUTOS.130TR, CA106TR, CA66TR, CA861TR, CA86TR, CB1013TR, CB1023TR B, CB1023TR, CB102TR, CB1033TR Y, CB1033TRY, CB103TR, CB1043TR M, CB1043TR, CB1043TRM, CB1053TR, CB106TR, CB1213TR EXP, CB1213TR, CB123TR, CB66TR, CB66TRSY, CB74TR, CB85TR, CB86TRSY, CB96TR SY, CBE75TR, CBL100 PL, CBL100 SY, CBL132, CBL85 SY, CBL85, CDN130TR, CE1055T, CE1055TTEMPO, CE114, CGA814R, CHIARA772ETR, CI100, CI1009, CI100T BLU, CI100T METAL, CI100T ROSSO, CI100T Y, CI100T, CI100TR, CI1016TR, CI101XTR EXP, CI101XTR, CI1022TPR, CI120TR EXP, CI120TR, CI121XTR, CI656TR, CI816TR, CI822TPR, CI950T, CI950TR, CJE813, CN116TUK, CN120TUK, CN126TUK, CN136TUK, CNE148T, CSI835XTR SY, CSI835XTR, CTA106TV, CTA106TVSY, CTA107TV-IT, CTA107TVSYC, CTA86TV SY, CTA86TV, CTA87TV IT, CTL104TV, CTL107TV FR, CTL84TV SY, CTL84TV, CTL85TV ES, CTL87TV FR, CTL87TVFR, CTT67T, D.QUICK120TR, D.QUICK130TR, LB ACS130 UK (37616968), LB ACS130 UK, LB ACT 79 RI (31124134), LB ACT 79 RI, LB ACT 99RFR (31124167), LB ACT 99RFR, LB ACT.S12UK (31105505), LB ACT741 IT (39981899), LB ACT840 RI (39982848), LB ACT840 RI, LB ACT840S (39982855), LB ACT840S, LB ACT89ACRS (31124126), LB ACT89ACRS, LB ACTIVA740 (39982889), LB ACTIVA740, LB ACTML10FR (31121106), LB ACTML10FR, LB ACTML10PL (31121197), LB ACTML12FR (31124175), LB ACTML12FR, LB ACTML12PL (31121205), LB ACTML7 IT (31124183), LB ACTML8 PL (31121189), LB ACTML8 SY (31121122), LB ACTML8AIT (31121114), LB ACTML9 FR (31124191), LB ACTML9 FR, LB AQ100TRUK (31123466), LB AQ100TRUK, LB AQCE101UK (31123193), LB CA 106 TR (31123268), LB CA 106 TR, LB CA 66 TR (31123250), LB CA 66 TR, LB CA 86 TR (31123276), LB CA 86 TR, LB CA861TRES (31123433), LB CA861TRES, LB CB103 TR (31123300), LB CB103 TR, LB CB1053 TR (31123284), LB CB1053 TR, LB CB106TRES (31123581), LB CB106TRES, LB CB106TRSY (31123508), LB CB106TRSY, LB CB1213TRE (31123326), LB CB1213TRE, LB CB123 TR (31123292), LB CB123 TR, LB CB66TR ES (31123573), LB CB66TR ES, LB CB66TR SY (31123482), LB CB66TR SY, LB CB74TR IT (31127368), LB CB74TR IT, LB CB85TR FR (31123359), LB CB85TR FR, LB CB86TR ES (31123599), LB CB86TR ES, LB CB86TR SY (31123490), LB CB86TR SY, LB CB96TRSY (31123656), LB CB96TRSY, LB CBE75TRIT (31124258), LB CBE75TRIT, LB CBL 85 PL (31123789), LB CBL 85 PL, LB CBL100 PL (31123797), LB CBL100 PL, LB CBL100 SY (31123672), LB CBL100 SY, LB CBL132 FR (31123649), LB CBL132 FR, LB CBL85 SY (31123680), LB CBL85 SY, LB CE 1055T (31123201), LB CE 1055T, LB CE 114 (31113103), LB CE 114, LB CGA 814 R (31133275), LB CGA 814 R, LB CI 100 TR (31123102), LB CI 100 TR, LB CI 101EXP (31122112), LB CI 101EXP, LB CI 101XTR (31122104), LB CI 101XTR, LB CI 120 TR (31123003), LB CI 120 TR, LB CI 120EXP (31123227), LB CI 120EXP, LB CI 121XTR (31122005), LB CI 121XTR, LB CI 656 TR (31123144), LB CI 656 TR, LB CI 816 TR (31123136), LB CI 816 TR, LB CI 950 TR (31123110), LB CI 950 TR, LB CI100 T B (31123177), LB CI100 T B, LB CI100 T Y (31123151), LB CI100 T Y, LB CI100 TR (31123185), LB CI1016 TR (31123128), LB CI1016 TR, LB CI1022TPR (31129117), LB CI1022TPR, LB CI822 TPR (31129109), LB CI822 TPR, LB CJE 813 (31134273), LB CJE 813, LB CN116T UK, LB CN120T UK, LB CN126T UK, LB CN136T UK, LB CSI835 SR (39982863), LB CSI835 SR, LB CSI835XTR (39982814), LB CSI835XTR, LB CTA106 TV (37507076), LB CTA106 TV, LB CTA107 TV (37506995), LB CTA107 TV, LB CTA86 TV (37507068), LB CTA86 TV, LB CTA86TVSY (37506961), LB CTA86TVSY, LB CTA87 TV (37506979), LB CTA87 TV, LB CTL 84 TV (37507027), LB CTL 84 TV, LB CTL84TVSY (37507175), LB CTL84TVSY, LB CTL85TVES (37507183), LB CTL85TVES, LB CTL87TVFR (37506441), LB CTL87TVFR, LB CTT 67 T (37506953), LB CTT 67 T, LB SEL732ETR (31124266), LB SEL732ETR, LB SLCB102TR (31127376), LB SLCB102TR, LB WDM125 01 (37616075), LB WDM125 01, LBACT1091ACD (31121627), LBACT1091ACD, LBACT109ACRF (31121619), LBACT109ACRF, LBACT109ACRS (31121601), LBACT109ACRS, LBACT1291ACD (31121635), LBACT1291ACD, LBACT129ACRF (31124100), LBACT129ACRF, LBACT129ACRS (31124001), LBACT129ACRS, LBACT129ACUK (31124142), LBACT129ACUK, LBACT841ACIT (39981907), LBACT841ACRU (39981923), LBACT841ACSY (39981915), LBACT85ACRU (31085699), LBACT85ACRU, LBACT89ACRIT (31124118), LBACT89ACRIT, LBACTIVA S12 (31105000), LBACTIVA S12, LBACTML 8 RU (31121148), LBACTML10 DE (31121163), LBACTML10 RU (31121155), LBACTML10 SY (31121130), LBACTML10AIT (31121015), LBACTML12 SY (31124209), LBACTML13 DE (31124233), LBACTML13SYM (31124241), LBACTSMARTRU (31105612), LBALCB103TAR (31072135, LBALCB103TAR, LBALCB103TRD (31072127), LBALCB103TRD, LBALCB103TRF, LBALCB103TRS (31072143), LBALCB103TRS, LBALCB123TRF, LBALCB133TRS (31072168), LBALCB133TRS, LBALCB83TRIT (31072101), LBALCB83TRIT, LBALCB83TRSY (31072119), LBALCB83TRSY, LBAQ120/1TUK, LBAQ130/1TUK, LBAUS130TRUK (31124225), LBAUS130TRUK, LBAUSE12TR UK (31124217), LBAUSE12TR UK, LBAUSE12TRUK (37616406), LBAUSE13TRUK (37616414), LBAUSE13TRUK, LBCB1013TRRU (31123318), LBCB1013TRRU, LBCB1023TRBL (31123516), LBCB1023TRBL, LBCB1033TRYE (31123524), LBCB1033TRYE, LBCB1043TRFR (31123243), LBCB1043TRFR, LBCB1043TRME (31123532), LBCB1043TRME, LBCDN130TRUK (37616638), LBCDN130TRUK, LBCHIA772ETR (31124290), LBCHIA772ETR, LBCI100METAL (31123169), LBCI100METAL, LBCTA106TVSY (37506987), LBCTA106TVSY, LBCTA107TVSY (37507050), LBCTA107TVSY, LBCTL104TVSY (37507191), LBCTL104TVSY, LBCTL107TVFR (37506458), LBCTL107TVFR, LBCTL84TVSYC (37507035), LBCTL84TVSYC, LBDQ120TRUK (31123623), LBDQ120TRUK, LBDQ130TRUK (31123631), LBDQ130TRUK, LBSPR100TR UK (31123334), LBSPR100TR UK, LBSPR100TRUK (37616372), LBSPR101TRUK (31123441), LBSPR101TRUK, LBSPR110TR UK (31123342), LBSPR110TR UK, LBSPR110TRUK (37616380), LBSPR120TR UK (31123458), LBSPR120TR UK, LBSPR120TRUK (37616398), ML10AC, ML13AG, ML9MYLOGIC, MYLOGIC10, MYLOGIC10A, MYLOGIC10SY, MYLOGIC12 SY, MYLOGIC12, MYLOGIC13 SY, MYLOGIC13, MYLOGIC13SY, MYLOGIC7, MYLOGIC741, MYLOGIC8 SY, MYLOGIC8, MYLOGIC841AC, MYLOGIC8A, MYLOGIC9, SEL.732ETR, SMART12 ACT, SMART12 ACT., SMART12ACTIVA, SPRINT100TR, SPRINT101TR, SPRINT110TR, SPRINT120TR, WA8720, WD AQW130 UK (37616562), WD AQW130 UK

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