Candy 49001262 Washing Machine Door Hinge Kit

SKU: DSP100/314

Fits: Candy

Candy 49001262 Washing Machine Door Hinge Kit for select models of Candy Washing Machines.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): 5+5ALISE1201, ACS100, ACS100 SY, ACS100.6SY, ACS101, ACS1040, ACS1040SY, ACS106, ACS120, ACS130, ACS130.6SY, ACS130CE SY, ACS130P, ACS130SY, ACS132, ACS136, ACS160, ACS160 NL, ACS65SY, ACS80, ACS80.6SY, ACS80SY, ACS840, ACS840SY, ACS86, ALCB103TR, ALCB106TR-04, ALCB115-47, ALISECB103T, ALISECB103TR, ALISECB123TR, ALISECB133TR, ALISECB8.44, ALISECB83TR, ALISECBL1355, AQ130/1T-80, AQC101TR, AQC102TR, AQUAVIVA110T, AQUAVIVA120T, AQUAVIVA125T, AQUAVIVA130T, AQUAVIVA141T, AUTOS.120TR, AUTOS.130TR, CB102TR, CB1053TR, CB106TR, CB43XTRSY, CB50AT, CB51XAT, CB52TCKD, CB60.6T, CB60AT, CB613TR, CB61XAT, CB634XT, CB63TR, CB63TRCKD, CB66TR, CB813TR, CB823TR, CB833XTR, CB86TR, CB96TR SY, CBD100.65-04, CBD100.6IT, CBD100-16S, CBD1060-37CO, CBD110, CBD110-47, CBD1161-37, CBD1163-37S, CBD116-37, CBD116-37SME, CBD120-16S, CBD125-84, CBD130, CBD130-16S, CBD136-37, CBD1425, CBD1425-14, CBD145-01S, CBD145-84, CBD60-85, CBD70 IT, CBD80-85, CBD80P, CBD85.65-04S, CBD85P, CBD86SY, CBD96-37, CBE1025T, CBE1025TS5, CBE1225T, CBE130TV47, CBE1425T, CBE1425T SY, CBE825T, CBE825TS5, CBE87, CBE88, CBL100, CBL100 PL, CBL100 SY, CBL100.6 SY, CBL1055, CBL106ES, CBL120, CBL120 SY, CBL130, CBL130 SY, CBL130PDE, CBL130PSY, CBL132, CBL140 UK, CBL65.6SY, CBL75.6SY, CBL76ES, CBL85, CBL85 SY, CBL85.6SY, CBL863ES, CBL864ES, CBL86ES, CBL90, CBL96ES MIRO, CE450, CG1054.3T, CG554T, CG574T/D, CG644.3T, CG854.3T, CGA814R, CHIARA553AT, CHIARA742SET, CHIARA772ETR, CJ463, CJ464, CJ473, CJ473T, CJ474/F, CJ514, CJ524/C, CJ534/D, CJ534AT, CJ643T, CJE813, CN100T ARGOS, CN105T, CN40 2/F, CN40.1/F, CN40T, CN41XT, CN43, CN44, CN450 UK, CN45T, CN50T, CN53.1/C, CN53.1/D, CN54.1T/C, CN54.1T/D, CN55AT, CN60AT, CN60T, CN63T, CN63T C.I., CN63TCKD, CN641TCKD, CN65AT, CNE100TV, CNE101T, CNE103T-04S, CNE108T, CNE109T, CNE110TV47, CNE128T, CNE128TV-01S, CNE138T, CNE148T, CNE148TSY, CNE78T, CNE85TS, CNE85TV, CNE88T, CNE88TV47, CNE89T, CSB51XAT, CSB640XTR, CSB840XTR, CSBE100TV-03, CSBE640TR, CSBE740TR, CSBE840TS5, CSBL100, CSBL100 SY, CSBL75, CSBL75 SY, CSBL85, CSBL85 SY, CSD100-01, CSD100-03S, CSD120-03S, CSD80, CSD85, CSD85-03S, CSN52AT, CSN62T, D.QUICK120TR, D.QUICK130TR, D.QUICK131, ENERGACB735, HOL1002TL, HOL1003TL, HOL162, HOL182, HOL186, HOL62, HOL803TL, HOLID.1001TL, HOLIDAY1000, HOLIDAY1000T, HOLIDAY181E, HOLIDAY181M, HOLIDAY185, HOLIDAY800, HOLIDAY800TL, HOLIDAY801TL, KITCB83TR, KITCB83TSM, KITCN541T, KITCN541TSM, KITZW457SM, M.ALISE1000, MILOGIC1041, MYLOGIC10, MYLOGIC10/F, MYLOGIC1041A, MYLOGIC12, MYLOGIC8, MYLOGIC841AC, SEL.732ETR, SEL.743SETR, SMART.COM13, SMART.COM16, SMART.COMP13, SMART13, SMART16, SMART16 DE, SMART16 IT, SMART16 NL, SMART16 SYM, SMARTCOMPS16, SPRINT100TR, SPRINT110TR, SPRINT120TR

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