Candy 42803836 Oven Wire Rack Shelf

SKU: DSP400/249

Fits: Candy

Candy 42803836 Oven Wire Rack Shelf for select models of Candy Ovens.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): 2D 362X (33700482), 2D 364/1N (33700557), 2D 364/1X (33700558), 2D322X, 2D362X, 2D362XUK, 2D364N, 2D364W, 2D364X, 2D364XUK, 2D365X, 2D365XUK, 2D467X, 2D468X, CI110N, CI110S, CI110W, CI2006/3GW, CI2006/3GX, CI2006/3N, CI2006/3W, CI2006/3X, CI2006N, CI2006W, CI2006X, CI2012/3W, CI2012/3X, CI310/1DW, CI310/1W, CI310DN, CI310DS, CI310DW, CI310EN, CI310EW, CI310N, CI310S, CI310W, CI330/1W, CI330EN, CI330ES, CI330EW, CI330N, CI330S, CI330W, CI4206/3N, CI4206/3W, CI4206/3X, CI4206N, CI4206W, CI4206X, CI4212/3GX, CI4212/3N, CI4212/3W, CI4212/3X, CI4212N, CI4212W, CI4212X, CI422N UNI, CI422W UNI, CI422X UNI, CI5412/3W, CI5412/3X, CI5412N, CI5412W, CI5412X, CI542N, CI542W, CI642X, CI654N, CI654W, CI654X, CI96DM, CI96DN, CI96DS, CI96DW, F101X, F101XARG, F110M, F110N, F110S, F110W, F112/3M, F112/3MUK, F112/3N, F112/3NUK, F112/3W, F112/3WARG, F112/3WUK, F112M, F112N, F112W, F122N, F122W, F132/3MUK, F132/3NUK, F132/3WUK, F132MUK, F132WUK, F134/3NUK, F134/3WUK, F134/3XUK, F141M UK, F141W UK, F142N, F142W, F142WISR, F211 X UK, F21M UK, F21W UK, F222/3RA, F222/3X, F222/3XOS, F222RA, F222X, F232/3XUK, F232XUK, F233/3BMUK, F233/3NUK, F233/3VUK, F233/3WUK, F233/3XUK, F233BLUK, F233NUK, F233VUK, F233WUK, F234/3NUK, F234/3WUK, F234/3XUK, F234MUK, F234NUK, F234WUK, F234XUK, F241/1M UK, F241/1W UK, F242/3AN, F242/3LA, F242/3N, F242/3PI, F242/3RA, F242/3SA, F242/3TE, F242/3W, F242/3X, F242/3XISR, F242/3XOS, F2420X, F242AN, F242LA, F242N, F242PI, F242RA, F242SA, F242TE, F242W, F242WISR, F242X, F242XISR, F254/3N, F254/3NUK, F254/3W, F254/3WUK, F254/3X, F254/3XISR, F254/3XOS, F254/3XUK, F2540X, F254N, F254W, F254WISR, F254X, F254XISR, F254XOS, F255/3X, F2550X, F255X, F310/3N, F310/3W, F310N, F310S, F310W, F311FRX, F311X, F311XISR, F330FRN, F330FRW, F330N, F330S, F330W, F330WISR, F331/1M UK, F331/1W UK, F340FRN, F340FRW, F96/1M, F96/1N, F96/1W, F96/2N, F96/3N, F96/3W, FCL 602 AV (33700771), FCL 602 GH (33700770), FCL 614/1 AV (33700761), FCL 614/1 BA (33700763), FCL 614/1 GH (33700760), FCL 614/1 GH LY (33701217), FCL 614/1 RA (33700762), FCL 614X (33700560), FCL614AV, FCL614GH, FCL614PI, FCL614RA (33700463), FCL614RA, FIR 615X (33700490), FIR615X, FIR712X (33700575), FIR714GHX (33700574), FIR715X (33700573), FL0100X, FL0502X, FL100/1N, FL100/1W, FL100/1X, FL100N, FL100W, FL100X, FL101N, FL101W, FL101X, FL102/1NUK, FL102/1WUK, FL102NUK, FL132NUK, FL132WUK, FL132XUK, FL134NUK, FL134WUK, FL134XUK, FL201N, FL201W, FL201X, FL205N, FL205W, FL501N, FL501W, FL501X, FL503N, FL503W, FL503X, FL504N, FL504X, FL605X, FL605XOS, FL605XUK, FLC20/1X, FLC20W, FLC20X, FLC60N, FLC60X, FLC65X, FLN 0506X (33700477), FLP100/1W, FLP100W, FLP101/1X, FLP101W, FLP101X, FLP501/1X, FLP501W, FLP501X, FNP601N, FNP601W, FNP601X, FNP602X, FNP612X, FNP615X, FNP622X, FNP815X, FNP815XUK, FNP825X, FNP827AL, FNP827X, FNPC612X, FNPC825X, FNPP612X, FP601AL, FP601N, FP601W, FP601X, FP602XUK, FP612AL, FP612N, FP612X, FP615X, FP622N, FP622W, FP622X, FP815AL, FP815N, FP815NUK, FP815WUK, FP815X, FP815XUK, FP825AL, FP825X, FP827AL, FP835CX, FPC612N, FPC612W, FPC612X, FPC825AL, FPC825X, FPP612W, FPP612X, FPP825X, FR122/3N, FR122/3W, FR142/3N, FR142/3W, FS 615AQ (33700561), FS615 GR (33700562), FS817AQUA, FZ100N, FZ100W, FZ310/1EW, FZ310/1W, FZ310EN, FZ310N, FZ310NISR, FZ310W, OVC245/1MUK, OVC245/1WUK, OVC245M U.K., OVC245W U.K., OVF215/1M UK, OVF215/1W UK, OVF215M U.K., OVF215W U.K., OVF245/1BLUK, OVF245/1GFUK, OVF245/1M UK, OVF245/1W UK, OVF245BL U.K, OVF245GF U.K, OVF245M U.K., OVF245W U.K., OVF265/1M UK, OVF265/1W UK, OVF265M U.K., OVF265W U.K., OVS105/1M UK, OVS105/1W UK, OVS105M U.K., OVS105W U.K., OVS95/1MUK, OVS95/1WUK, OVS95/3M, OVS95/3W, OVS95M U.K., OVS95W U.K., R 43/3GH (33700472), R 43/3X (33700471), R 43/3X LY (33701218), R100/1GH, R100/1SD, R100/3GH, R100/3SD, R100TF, R241/1M UK, R241/1W UK, R241/2M UK, R241/2W UK, R340/1FRW, R340/3AM, R340/3GH, R340/3SA, R340/3SD, R340/3TE, R340/3TF, R340AM, R340FRGH, R340FRM, R340FRTF, R340FRW, R340GH, R340SD, R340TF, R43/3BA, R43/3BD, R43/3GH, R43/3GHCR, R43/3GHCRUK, R43/3RA, R43/3X, R43/3XUK, R43BA, R43BD, R43GH, R43X, R80GH

Replaces: 42803836

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