Beko 4616140500 Fridge Upper Glass Shelf Assembly

SKU: DSP401/700

Fits: Beko

Beko 4616140500 Fridge Upper Glass Shelf Assembly for select models of Beko Fridges and Freezers.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): BK386WDR+, CF6004APS, CF6004APW, CF6004APX, CF6563APW, CF6563W, CF6643APW, CF6643W, CF6713S1, CFD6004S, CFD6643APS, CFD6643APW, CFD6643S, CFD6643W, CH134020X, CH233120, CH233120S, CH234020, CN228100, CN228120, CN228120T, CN228121, CN228121T, CN228130, CN228200, CN228220, CN228220S, CN228220X, CN228221, CN228221T, CN228221X, CN228223T, CN228230, CN228230X, CN230, CN232102, CN232120, CN232120S, CN232120X, CN232121, CN232121T, CN232122, CN232122T, CN232131, CN232131T, CN232200, CN232220, CN232220X, CN232221, CN232221X, CN232222X, CN232223T, CN232230, CN232230X, CN236100, CN236121, CN236121T, CN236200D, CN236200DX, CN236220, CN236220X, CN236221, CN236221X, CN236223T, CN236223X, CN236230, CN236230X, CS226020, CS226020T, CS226020X, CS230020, CS232020, CS232020S, CS232020X, CS232021, CS232021S, CS232021X, CS232030, CS232030T, CS232030X, CS234000, CS234020, CS234020S, CS234020T, CS234021T, CS234022T, CS234022VRX, CS234023, CS234023T, CS234023X, CS234030T, CS234031, CS234031T, CS234032X, CS236020, CS238020, CS238020S, CS238021DT, CS238021X, CS238030X, CS340, CSG1675S, CSG1675W, CV234220X, CV238200, CXFG1601W, DBD306+, DBD326X+, DBD326XI+, DBK386WD+, DBK386WD++, DBK386WDR+, DBKE386WD+, DBKE386X+, DBKE386XI+, DBKEN326+, DBKEN326X+, DBKEN326XI+, DBKEN386WD, DBKEN386WD+, DBKEN386XWD+, DBKEN387WD+, DDCF6753APW, DDCF6753FW, DS227020, DS227022, DS227030, DS230000, DS230000S, DS230020, DS230020S, DS233000, DS233020, DS233020S, DS233030, DS233030S, LP1651W, SS227400, SS227420, SS229020

Replaces: 4616140500

Measurements: 495x293mm

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