AEG 2247086420 Bottom Freezer Drawer

SKU: DSP400/462

Fits: AEG

AEG 2247086420 Bottom Freezer Drawer for select models of AEG Fridges and Freezers.

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): A1100-7M, A75228GA, AG77250-6I, AG77250-7I, AG77250-8I, AG78850-6I, AG78853-5I, AG78853-6I, AG86050-4I, AG86050-5I, AG86050-6I, AG88850-4E, AG88850-4I, AG88850-5I, AG88850I, AG91850-4I, AG91854-4I, AG97250-4I, AG97250-5I, AG98850-4E, AG98850-4I, AG98850-5E, AG98850-5I, AG98850-6E, AG98853-4I, AG98853-5I, AG98859-4I, AG98859-5I, AIK2401R, AIK2751L, AIK2751R, AIK2801R, AN81050-4I, AN91050-4I, AN91250-4I, AN91250-5I, S2633KG1, S2646KG6, S60240KG, S60240KG1, S60240KG18, S60240KG2, S60240KG28, S60280KG, S60280KG1, S75267KG, S75267KG1, S92500CNM0, SC61640-5I, SC61640-6I, SC71440-6I, SC71840-5I, SC71840-6I, SC81461-4I, SC81640-4I, SC81640-5I, SC81641-4I, SC81641-5I, SC81641I, SC81840-4I, SC81840-6I, SC81841-4I, SC81841-5I, SC81842-4I, SC81842-5I, SC81842-6I, SC81842I, SC81843-4I, SC81843-5I, SC81843I, SC81844-4I, SC81846-4I, SC81847-4I, SC91840-4I, SC91840-5I, SC91840-6I, SC91841-4I, SC91841-5I, SC91842-5I, SC91843-4I, SC91843-5I, SC91843-6I, SC91844-5I, SC91845-4I, SC91845-5I, SC91845-6I, SC91847-4I, SC91848-4I, SCD51800S0, SCD71800S0, SCD81800S0, SCN71800F0, SCN71800S0, SCS31800S0, SCS51600S0, SCS51800F0, SCS51800S0, SCS51810S0, SCS71800F0, SCS81800F0, SCS81805F0, SCS91800F0, SCT51800S0, SCT71900S0, SN71840-5I, SN81840-4I, SN81840-5I, SN81841-4I, SN91841-4I, SN91841-5I, SN91842-4I, SZ91840-4I, SZ91840-5I

Replaces: 2247086420, 2247086453, 2247086461, 2275088421, 2275088561, 2275088538, 2275081392, 2275081376, 2275081830, 2675013037, 2675013268, 2675013284, 2675013250, 2247136035, 2247136043, 2247136092, 2247136068, 2247136076

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