AEG 2247074186 Crisper Drawer

SKU: DSP200/304

Fits: AEG

AEG 2247074186 Crisper Drawer for select models of AEG fridges

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Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): KS.2936-4I, OE.S.2642-4I, OE.S.2936-4I, OEKO S.2642-4I, OEKO S.2672-6I, OEKO S.2842-4I, OEKO S.2842-6I, OEKO S.290-4I, OEKO S.2936-4I, OEKO S.2942-4I, OEKO S.2972-4I, OEKO S.2972-6I, OEKO S2672-6I, OEKO S290-6I, OEKO S2942-6I, OEKO S2972-6I, OEKO S2973-6I, OEKO S2992-6I, OKS.2936-4I, S.C61440I, S.C61640I, S2642-1I, S290-4I, S290-6I, S2942-4I, S2942-6I, S2942IW4, S2972-4I, S2973-6I, S2992-4I, S2992-6I, SAN2972-4I, SANT.2992-4I, SANTO C618 41I, SANTO C71440 I, SANTO2942-4I, SANTO2973-6I, SC 8 16 40 I, SC 8 18 40 I, SC4 1840 I, SC418-40I, SC41840-1I, SC41840-4I, SC41840-5I, SC41840-6I, SC41840I, SC61440I, SC61640-4I, SC61640-5I, SC61640-6I, SC61640I, SC618 41I, SC618-40I, SC61840 4I, SC61840-4I, SC71440 I, SC71440-4I, SC71440-5I, SC71440-6I, SC71440I, SC71640I, SC718 40I, SC71840-4I, SC71840-5I, SC71840-6I, SC71841-4I, SC71841-5I, SC71841I, SC81461-4I, SC816-40I, SC81640-4I, SC81640-5I, SC81640I, SC81641-4I, SC81641-5I, SC81641I, SC818 40I, SC818 41I, SC818 42I, SC818 45I, SC81840-4I, SC81840-5I, SC81840-6I, SC81840I, SC81841-4I, SC81841-5I, SC81841I, SC81842-4I, SC81842-5I, SC81842-6I, SC81842I, SC81843-4I, SC81843-5I, SC81843I, SC81844-4I, SC81846-4I, SC81847-4I, SC918 40I, SC918 45I, SC91840-4I, SC91840-5I, SC91840-6I, SC91840I, SC91841-4I, SC91841-5I, SC91842-5I, SC91843-4I, SC91843-5I, SC91843-6I, SC91844-5I, SC91845-4I, SC91845-5I, SC91845-6I, SC91845I, SC91847-4I, SC91848-4I, SN618 40I, SN61840I, SN71840-4I, SN71840-5I, SN818 40I, SN81840-4I, SN81840-5I, SN81840I, SN81841-4I, SN91841-4I, SN91841-5I, SN91842-4I

Replaces: 2247074186, 2247074087, 22470740873, 2247074145, 2247074210, 2275053466

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